The Crew-Nicle Paper

Two Murders In The Plantation


Around noon, in a small working farm near the Salinas River, a murder occurred. A worker by the name of Lennie, was shot to the head by another worker named George. The workers reported that Lennie killed a woman, named Sophia, by snapping her neck. They said that the murder began to apprehend them, but he was chased off and shot to death. But we have been told that there are no witnesses to Sophia's death. Though Candy reported to see a dark, tall figure to run out of the barn, toward the Salinas River.

The Stories

How George Milton Saw it

“The ranchers and I were having a horseshoe tournament. After the horseshoe game, I decided to check on Lennie Small at the barnhouse because he was playing with a pup that one of the ranchers named Slim gave him. When I entered the barn, Lennie was nowhere to be found. I kept looking until I found Curley’s wife, who was lying face down on a haystack, dead.

When everyone else came to see her they all realized that her neck was busted. Only Lennie could have done that. He was strong, but he was mental. Lennie didn’t know his own power, and he’s has done similar things before, but I know that Lennie would never do anything out of meanness. Once they realized it was Lennie, they set up a search party. The guys even saw that had one of their guns stolen by Lennie. They had dogs, artillery, horses, and police on the way, and I knew that they were going to kill ‘em the first opportunity they had. I had to try to get to Lennie before they did, but because they were on horses, I had to go as fast as I could. An’ I told him before we ever got jobs as ranchers, “Listen, if you ever get in trouble, hide in the brush till I go an’ get you.” So I searched endlessly for the brush, until I saw Lennie by some water.Thank God he wasn’t dead yet when I found him. Jesus Christ, he was so worried when I knew when he killed Curley’s wife, he even thought I’d give him Hell like I done before, but I didn’t. Then I told him to look at the lake, at our dream, and I reminded him about us. “We got each other, and we will stay like that forever.” I slipped out the luger he stole from his pocket, and to prevent himself from being killed by Curley or the others, I shot him myself. I made sure he wasn’t looking, so he could die happy, instead of letting him get imprisoned, shot by someone else, or having to be running for the rest of our miserable lives.”

How Candy Saw It

I was gonna go check the barn to see if lennie was ok. I walked in and found that tart laying down in the hay.

“Didn't know you were here!” I called.

She did get up. I went over to her. She still didn't move.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!”

She was dead. Her neck was snapped. I ran and called George over. He saw her. He said the same thing as I did and checked for a pulse. He found none and checked her necked. George found it broken just like I found it.

“He could’ve done it?” he asked me.

“I think we both know the answer to that.” i replied.

“What are we gonna do?” I asked.

“We have to tell the guys. Maybe they won't kill him.” said George.

“So then the farm, its all off?” I asked.

“I don't know Candy. You call the guys over. I’ll sneak out the back and go around the barn. Then I’ll come in through the front and pretend it never happened. Ok?” he said.

“ok.” I replied.

He left out the back of the barn. I went to the front and called Curley, and the rest of the guys playing horseshoes. They came running over.

“He done it! That son of a bitch! I’ll kill him for that!” screamed Curley. George came over a few seconds later. He seemed confused but we knew what happened.

“You didn’t do It, but stay with me so that I won't have a suspicion about you.” Curley told George in a cold, fierce voice.

They left on the horses to find Lennie I stayed behind. I went back to the rooms and cried, hoping the dream farm will be there.

How Curley Saw It

It was Sunday afternoon. I was sitting outside watching the guys playing horseshoe. Of course I couldn't play with my hand, broken by that big son of a bitch. They had probably had 1 hour playing horseshoe, until Candy came for me, Slim,Carlson, Whit, Crooks, and last came George. We were all standing around her, my wife. She had a broken neck and half covered with hay. Slim went to her and felt her wrist and lean one finger on her neck. Then I finally come to life and went to my wife. I knew who done it, it was that big son of a bitch, Lennie. I had to kill him, I had to shot him in the guts. I am pretty sure he was a criminal and a maniac and he had to die.

Then Slim went on to George “Maybe like that time in Weed you was tellin’ about”

So Lennie was a criminal running away from the law. I knew he would be a problem since I first saw his dirty face. So there was a search party for Lennie and everyone was on a horse. We let out the dogs and it was on. Once I see that son of a bitch was going to shot him right in the face. I won’t let him live anymore. But he took Carlson’s Luger and now we really had a criminal to deal with. But he wouldn't stand a chance with us, and we couldn't turn him in.


Lennie Small, Soledad, California

12:00pm, October 17, 1929, Woodyard Funeral Home

George Milton

Collector of dead mice

The ranch by the Salinas river

Won a lifting contest in his neighborhood carnival in 1919

Shot in the back of the head

Sofia Steinbeck, Soledad, California

3:00pm, October 30 1929, Soledad Cemetery District

Curley Steinbeck


No employment

Won beauty contest at town carnival in 1929

Strangled, broken neck

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