Molly Hoffmann


  • Playing with animals
  • Soccer
  • Drawing


  • Go outside in my woods
  • Play soccer

School subject strenghts


  • Helping other
  • Being crative

Ways I am smart

  • Nature smart
  • Body smart
  • People smart

Learning Styles

  • Learning with others - I prefer to learn by working in a group with other students
  • Learning by reading - I learn best by seeing words written in books, workbooks, charts, or on the board
  • Learning math by seeing problems - I need to see numbers that are written on the board, in a book, or on paper in order to work with them

Personal Globe Inventory

The three career clusters I picked

  • Arts video/ technology and communications
  • Education and training
  • Human services

The job I researched, including education needed and salary

  • Vet
  • animal science,chemistry, and public speaking
  • 48.797 dollars