Cultural Geography- Mikayla George

It's nature and impact on our globalized and interconnected world

What is globalization?

The four categories of globalization are economic, technological, environmental, and cultural.

Economic: Countries exchange different products and ideas, and they all have different economies

Technological: Technology changes the way different countries communicate, and how people communicate with each other.

Environmental: Countries deal with environmental issues differently, and countries also come together to solve environmental issues.

Cultural: How different cultures spread to different countries. For example, in America we eat foods from different cultures like Mexican and Chinese food.

My definition of globalization:

Globalization is how countries are different and how their differences effect other countries. Their economies are different, and they exchange products and ideas to each other. Countries discover new ways to communicate using technology and share it with other places, which effects the way people communicate with each other. Each country has its own way of dealing with environmental issues, and we come together to deal with them. Lastly, every place has it's own culture and way of doing things. Their cultures spread around the world and other places use their foods, types of music, etc.

China Natural Resources Map

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China Exports Map

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China Transportation Map

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Map Explainations:

Natural Resource Map: It shows that China has multiple natural resources so many countries pay them to get those natural resources. This can also help China create good relationships with other countries, by helping them get the materials they need; this helps them make more money for their country.

Exports Map: The exports map shows the amount of material they give to other countries, and amount of products they make and ship to other places. Many countries get most of their products from China.

Transportation Map: This map shows the amount of transportation China uses, which can play a big role in how much technology they have compared to other countries.

My Product:

I have chosen the Apple iPhone as my product. The idea of the iPhone was really in the United States, but it is manufactured in China. The natural resources needed for iPhones include aluminum, and natural gas to make plastic. The iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones in the US and its popularity continues to grow as they continue to invent more products for countries around the world.

Globalization Problems and Solutions

Economic: When countries exchange different products and ideas, conflict can occur because trading can cause fighting and problems between two countries, or if they think the pricing is unfair, or they argue over who's idea it was to create a product.

Solution: They need to compromise so that there is less conflict between the two countries, and find a way to make each other happy and make everything equal and fair.

Technological: Technology can cause problems in globalization because to create devices for other people, the manufacturers have to import different kinds of material. The materials they need usually don't come from that area, and they often have to pay other countries to get that material. The manufacturers may think it's too expensive, not good quality, etc. The people that actually buy the product might not like it, while in other areas people love it, so it's hard for companies to satisfy every customer.

Solution: I think businesses should try creating multiple types of technology instead of just one kind so that businesses can satisfy more customers.

Environmental: Countries have different ways of dealing with environmental issues. Sometimes it's too hard to deal with an issue on their own so they need help from other countries. However, not all countries deal with these issues the same way, so it can result in conflict.

Solution: We need to work together so that we don't have to deal with environmental issues and help each other to get rid of these issues in the environment.

Cultural: People's cultures travel all around the world and spread to different places. For example, the US eats food from different countries. One culture might not agree with the other, because all cultures have their own opinions and ways of doing things.

Solution: Countries need to accept other culture's views, and come together as one while still having their own individual ways of doing things.

What globalization problems are there for my product?

Apple has also had its own problems with globalization> Although Apple is good with pleasing most of their customers, they can't please all. Not everyone likes their types of phones, and they aren't as popular in other countries. Apple's goal as a business is to please as many customers as they can by making a good product, but some in the US and even some people in other countries have complained about their way of using a technological device for others to communicate with.

How my product moves around the globe:

China starts with gathering the resources they need to create the iPhone such as aluminum and natural gas for the plastic. The product is made in a factory, and eventually shipped to countries around the globe where people buy Apple's product in stores everywhere, and Apple makes their money to continue to create their product or create new products.

How my life is connected to globalization:

Globalization has effected my life greatly because of the things I own and how I live. Without globalization I wouldn't be able to purchase things that were made in different parts of the world, because countries wouldn't share their ideas and products with anyone else. Also, others wouldn't share cultures with other cultures, so I would only be using the way Americans live, eat, and their own opinions.