The Sagrada Familia Church

Barcelona, Spain

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Background History

No one in particular commissioned the church, but the people of Barcelona and vast number of tourists has been funding it recently. Antoni Gaudi was the creator. It was installed on march 19th, 1883. The building process is still going on presently.

Artists Statement

Gaudi consistently changed the original design of the Church so the thought process wasn't exactly clear. He wanted to make an enormous church but he also wanted it to represent his gothic style. Faith, hope, and love, he wanted the city of Barcelona to know that they were part of the church as much it was part of them. He didn't really face any challenges along the way, since Gaudi consistently changed the design throughout the whole process of creating the building

My Opinion

I think it's amazing! I really like his architectural style. I hope to visit the church when it is finished. I'm kind've interested to see how it will turn out without the help of Gaudi. Though I would've preferred him living to finish it himself.
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