The Hundred Years War

Trena Atchley

The countries involved in the hundred years war.

There were two countries that were involved in the Hundred Years war. England and France. They fought these wars for 116 years before France won over all.

Why the war started

The hundred years war started because the king of England was mad about attacks on land in England so he said that he was king of France by birth right because his mother was Isabelle of France. And this acted started the war for the France throne. so this war that lasted 116 years was because someone had a big fit.

The years the wars were fought

The Hundred Years War was fought between 1337 and 1453. So technically it should be called the 116 years war.

Victories for England

Two victories for England in the Hundred years war are The Battle of Crecy and The Battle of Sluys. England was able to win The Battle of Crecy because the French made the attack with no plan at all and all together got 15 hits while England checked each one with a longbow. England was able to win The Battle of Sluys because the king sunk several boats including the one he was on enabling England to win.

Victories for France

Two victories for France in the Hundred Years War are The Battle of Arnemuiden and The Battle of Saint-Omer. France was able to min The Battle of Arnemuiden because the English's fight leader, John Kingston, surrendered a day after the fight started. France was able to win The Battle of Saint-Omer because the french and the English made a deal and the french got a partial victory.

Joan Of Arc.

Joan of Arc was a national heroine of France. She lead the French to a victory during the Hundred Years War at Orleans at the age of 18. Because of this she was nicknamed, 'The Maid of Orleans'. Joan was born to a peasant family in Donremy north-east France. she was born in 1412 to Isabelle Romee and Jacques d'Arc. She had four brothers and sisters, Pierre d'Arc, Jean d'Arc, Catherine d'Arc, and Jacquemin d'Arc. she died in 1431 in Rouem, France.

What was the longbow and how it help England

The longbow was a weapon about 6 feet tall and was used for hunting and warfare. It help the English during the Hundred Years War because it was able to hit targets from afar. Because it was able to hit targets from afar they were able to kill people faster and with out getting close enough to get hit or attack by the French.

The Impacts of The Hundred Years War.

The Hundred Years War inflicted untold misery on France and England. Farmlands were laid waste, the population was decimated by war, famine, and the Black Death, and marauders terrorized the countryside.