Computer Components

How a computer works


A drive is a storage device that holds your saved work and files. It also holds things like windows,which then enables your computer to work.

There are a few types of drive like a hard drive, an optical drive and a solid state drive.

A hard drive is the most common drive in computers.

A optical drive is a disc drive which uses a laser to read the disc.

A solid state drive is what you would find in an ipad or a smart phone. This is what makes them work so fast.


Moniter basicaly means screen. Most moniters use liquid crystal display systems.

The moniter is the most used output device on a computer. So if you press the a button it will input through the computer then output onto the screen for you to see.


The cpu or the central procesing uint is the brains of the computer.

The cpu is held in a single chip called a micrprocesser.

Without the cpu the coputer would not work


Ram stands for random accses memory.

There are two types of ram there is dram and sram.

Dram is the most common type of memory staoage but sram is faster.


Rom stands for read only memory.

So it will only accses memory on that device such as a disc or a memory stick.

It will not save on the main computer.


The motherboard connects all parts of the computer.
The motherboard can be thought of as the back bone of the computer.


An input device is basicaly something that you press or type such as a mouse or a keyboard.

An output device is something that will show you what you have done like a moniter or speakers.

Touch screen

A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. This means that you can press on the screen and it will act a bit like a mouse but you use your finger. It will then load or play what you have pressed