FTMS East Library Media Center

Fall 2017 Edition

Teacher information: Library Resource Reservations

Staff and faculty can check out a variety of equipment through the FTMS East Library Media Center.

Available resources:

  1. Chromebook Carts (8)

  2. SmartBoards (2)

  3. FlipCam (3)

  4. Studio with Greenscreen(1)

Checkout Process

Reserve and Pick Up Equipment

  1. Watch the FT Tech Tips video on Chromebook Suggested Practices.

  2. Sign out the Chromebook Cart on the Computer Lab Sheet

  3. On the day you are scheduled to pick up your equipment, go to the Library Media Center where you will check out the materials at the circulation desk between 2:30-2:45.

  4. If you notice any problems with the equipment, please make sure to note it on the spreadsheet attached to the cart.

Return Equipment

  1. On the day you are scheduled to return your equipment, return it to the Library Media Center circulation desk between 2:15-2:30.

  2. The Library Media Center staff will check that the equipment and all accessories are present and that everything is in working order and in good condition. The following items should be checked by the teacher prior to drop-off.

  • All Chromebooks are present.

  • All Chromebooks are plugged into the correct spot.

  • All mice are returned to the box in their individual baggies.

For additional information, check out the FT TECH TIPS website.

Best Practices

  1. Assign the same Chromebook/computer number to specific students (Chase Huotari always has Chromebook 1 in 1st period e.g.) no matter what cart or lab you are in or have.
  2. Check the Chromebooks before returning the cart to the media center. Fill out the sheet on top of the cart with any issues and create a HelpDesk ticket.
  3. Pick up and return carts in a timely manner (see above procedures).
  4. There is a limit of 5 consecutive days to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the Chromebook Carts.

Additional Resources

If you need posters printed or lamination, please email Mellisa and Sam.

Also available in the LMC workroom:

1. Scantron machine

2. Butcher paper

3. Giant paper cutter