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Getting Better with Time: The Best Pair of Men’s Shoes

The shoes are as important as any part of the outfit, especially in this generation. Every part of what you wear can be easily criticized because most individuals are very conscious of how they look in the public. This kind of mentality then extends to looking out for what one thinks of the wear that others have. That is why there comes a time when the need to buy high quality men’s shoes is a must.

On the down side, these kinds of men’s shoes are very expensive for the consumers.

To understand why these are expensive, it is important to know what makes them expensive. One of these is the Goodyear welt. It is part of the men’s shoes which replaced the traditional sewn welt. With this part in the shoe itself, it allows the shoe to be resolved multiple times. As a result, the life span of the shoe longer. In addition, it also provides the wearer better ventilation in their shoes. Meaning, it is more comfortable compared to its traditional counterpart.

You can consider the Goodyear welt as a high quality component, and just like most high quality products, they are expensive. Thus, anything that has it can be priced at a high cost. On the other hand, it could also be due to the production cost. The longer it takes to produce these components, the higher its cost of production is. It is added to its price, plus the revenue that the store looks to get from it.

Another aspect that makes men’s shoes expensive is the quality of leather that is used. One sign that it is high quality leather is that the material becomes better as it ages. This is because the material is natural.

What you should avoid are shows which are shiny. These are what the people in the shoe industry call corrected grain leather. These are the ones which are cheap in quality. These are the ones which are bought most of the time. However, these are the ones which age badly. This means that it creases very badly. It can be attributed to the chemical which is used in order to create the shiny, plastic like appearance of the leather as it is sold in the market. Unfortunately, those who do not know about this trait buy these kinds of leather men’s and women’s shoes because it creates the false impression that it are of high quality. It is testament that looks can b deceiving.

When out in the market for the best pair of men’s shoes, always remember that looks can be deceiving. The best pair of leather shoes are those whose looks you think are not appealing. However, in the long run you will see it become better as time pass. Never let the looks deceive you because the best pair of men’s shoe is the ones which age well. These are like fine wine, the longer it is fermented the better it tastes. You may even save more money with shoes that costs high at the beginning.

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