Dr. Brown's Message

August 30, 2021

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school for the 2021-2022 school year. We had a GREAT first week with students and we look forward to much success in the coming year. Thank you to those who have reached out with support and kindness as we attempt to have nearly all of our students back in the building and keep everyone safe.

A word about the first week AND the return of all Kindergarten students on Monday, August 30.

Please be reminded that we now have all but 35 of our students back in the building for learning. We are very excited about that. However, it means that we have students, some of whom are very young, who have not been in the school building since March, 2020. That's SIXTEEN months away. Also, we have not only Kindergarten students who have never been in the building but also MANY first and second graders who also have never been in the building!

These children are learning processes and procedures that they have never done before. Generally, we only have to worry about this with Kindergarten newcomers. This year we have many, many more children to work with on this. It takes time!

ALL KINDERGARTEN students will be on campus for a full day on Monday, August 30. Please be patient and kind to the people literally sweating to get children into and out of the building safely each day.

There is a teacher shortage in NC. We currently have vacant positions for which we cannot secure candidates. There is a serious bus driver shortage. The people who show up are burdened with making 4-5 bus runs in the morning and afternoon every day. There is a shortage of Child Nutrition Services workers AND a food/container shortage as well. Yet, they have fed every child in this building who wanted to eat. When we show up to do the work and are met with constant criticism and anger, it is demoralizing. Thank you to those who have been understanding.

We are working our very hardest for your children every day. We are doing everything we can to keep children safe.. Please be kind to the people who show up to do the work. Exercise patience - and remember that children are adjusting too. Sometimes it just takes a little longer at the beginning.

On Monday, August 30, and for a couple days afterward, buses will move more slowly as we pick up Kindergarten children. Carpool will move more slowly as we escort and teach processes to Kindergarten children. Please plan for that now.

Thank you so very much to those who have reached out with support and help. We cannot do this without you. Please help your child recognize their carpool number or bus color. Again, we look forward to a successful year with this great community. That's why we keep coming back every day!

Breakfast and Lunch Service

Please be reminded that breakfast and lunch service are free for all students this school year. Please also be aware that we have received new eating and drinking guidelines which has shifted our processes a bit from the first day of school. Students arrive at school in a staggered fashion, so breakfast is eaten in the classroom. For lunch, we have staggered seating so that no students are seated side by side. We need your help to remind children to eat quickly in order to minimize the amount of time that they are unmasked. We really appreciate your support.

Beginning of Year Assessments Grades K-3

The North Carolina Read to Achieve Legislation states that K-3 students must be assessed using a diagnostic reading assessment. North Carolina schools will be using mClass DIBELS assessments for the 2021-2022 school year. It will replace the Istation assessment many of you may be familiar with from last year. This assessment will help your student's teacher determine your student's reading needs and progress throughout the year. The benchmark testing windows are noted below.

Beginning of Year (BOY): Aug 30-Sept 22

Middle of Year (MOY): Jan 10-Feb 1

End of Year (EOY): May 10-May 31

Families will receive a Home Connect Letter explaining their child’s results soon after the benchmark window ends. The Home Connect Letter will also provide tips to help your child’s reading development at home. If you have any questions regarding your child’s reading development, please contact your child’s teacher. Your student will be receiving a letter this week with more details about the Read to Achieve legislation.


KUDOS TO OUR STUDENTS! They are doing an outstanding job of wearing their masks appropriately and making sure that their friends do as well. Remember to pack a spare mask for your child each day. Masks are like coats, gloves, etc. Sometimes they just go missing! It is also very helpful if you put your child's name on the mask. There are some super cute ones coming into the building and we want to be able to return them to the owner if they get lost. Thank you!

Goodbye at the Door

Just a reminder that for security reasons and safety, parents say goodbye to students at the front door. Kindergarten parents, we will have lots of folks to escort Kindergarten students to their classrooms tomorrow. We can't wait to see them!

Bus App and PTA Membership

Remember to join our fabulous PTA! They provide great support and advocacy for all of our students. See their info at greenptainfo.weebly.com.

If you wish to know where your child's school bus is, the district provides an APP for that! Click the herecomesthebus APP. You can sign up with your child's first and last name and by entering our code: 67500.

If your child rides a vendor transit vehicle, you can track that using the code: 67501

You can also track when buses LEAVE Green Elementary by following our bus twitter account @GreenESBuses

Upcoming Important Dates

Sept 6 Holiday - no school

Sept 7 Teacher Workday - no school

Sept 9 Open House - VIRTUAL: PTA at 6:00; Open House at 6:15

(links will be sent via School Messenger)

Sept 16 Teacher Workday - no school

Sept 23 Principal Advisory Meeting - VIRTUAL - 8:00am.