Friday Review

Friday, September 7, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • ****The faculty meeting for Monday, Sept 10th can't be completely canceled. All staff should plan to stay for a benefits meeting at 4pm in the media center.***

  • Grandparents Day will be held on Monday, September 10th 7:45- 8:30. Students can attend.

  • Emergency lesson plans are due to Estella Johnson today.

  • ALL teachers are to walk their class down the electives hall and not just drop them off in the front lobby.
  • Flu vaccines will be offered to staff at Spring Hill on September 27 beginning at 3:00. A sign up sheet is posted in the front office. See Nurse Mears with any questions.

  • Teachers have access to pertinent (asthma, seizures, allergies, etc.) student health information who are on their homeroom rosters. To access, go to Powerschool and click "Emergency/Medical". Information is confidential only to be shared with the teachers that work that student.

  • Spartan Snacks: In your boxes, you will find the snack schedule. Along with the directions on what should be done in order for your classroom to receive snacks. If you have any questions, forward them to Mr. Dunham.

  • Mr. Hersey is having a cookout at his home on Saturday, September 8 at 4:30 and asked that you be reminded. If you have any questions, please see him.

  • Dut to volleyball vs. Carver at SHS on the 20th, our parent night will be postponed until Thursday, September 27th at 6:00pm. Attendance is required.

  • PDPs are due by September 19th. Goals and expectations will be distributed ASAP. For those with mentors, they must sign off by the 19th too.

  • Self Evaluations in True North Logic must be completed by Friday, September 14th.

  • Do you have classroom rules and consequences posted? All classrooms should have rules/consequences posted big enough for students to see.

  • Please be reminded that there will be a late start for students next Friday. ALL staff will participate in professional development from 8 - 10. Be sure to report on time to the library on Friday, September 14th. Bring your devices. More information to come. IF YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR CHILD DUE TO THE LATE START, PLEASE LET MRS. LEWIS KNOW ASAP. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT WE WILL HAVE A FEW BABYSITTERS TO WATCH OUR KIDS.

  • Click here to view General Reminders from the 8/31/18 Friday Review:

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  • A huge shout out to those staff members that volunteered at the Sock Hop either by chaperoning or helping to get students paid and ticketed before the dance! Students and staff had a great time. Thank you to...Houston, Chavis, Spencer, McRae, Quick, Williams, Gross, Chevalier, Dial, Sioco, Lynette, Audrey, Casey, Dunham, Brayboy, Mr. John and Ms. Selena (Thank you, Eleys, for stopping by). Thank you so much for Mr. Hersey for DJing and having snacks available for purchase. Students had a lot of fun! (I hope I didn't forget anyone)
  • What would we do without our EC teachers? Thank you so much to Mrs. Motz, Mrs. Dial and Mrs. Houg for carrying the weight at this time. We are down 2 teachers and they are doing a marvelous job of making things happen still.
  • Kudos to Ms. E. Johnson for her hard work getting things going with PLCs and ensuring all have data. Thank you!
  • Great job to the staff for enforcing rules, especially in our hallways. Instruction in the classroom is looking great! THANK YOU!!!
  • Thank you to Tiffany Spencer for taking care of us all as the Sunshine Chair.
  • If Ms. Francis looks a little tired, it is because she is teaching two teams of students math. Thank you for going above and beyond, Ms. Francis!!!
  • Thank you Mrs. Best for serving as the AIG Facilitator this year!
  • Shout out to Ruth Ann Harris for all of her work in the 1 to 1 rollout!
  • They're never told enough! Thank Mr. Dunham and Ms. Brayboy for all you do each and every day. WE would be lost without you!!!

This Week

Monday, September 10 - Grandparent’s Day; Faculty Meeting/Pierce Benefits Group; Mandatory Coaches' Meeting with Parents of Athletes at 6:15 in the Cafeteria
Tuesday, September 11- PLCs; Golf at Cypress Creek

Wednesday, September 12- Content Planning; Wacky Wednesday ($40 Walmart Gift Card); Football Jamboree at Home
Thursday, September 13- TLC; Volleyball at Sandy Grove
Friday, September 14 - 2 Hour Delay for Students - Professional Development; NCEES Self Evaluations Due

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 17 - SIT Meeting
Tuesday, September 18- Golf at Scotch Meadows; Track at Pine Forest

Wednesday, September 19- PDPs Due
Thursday, September 20 - Volleyball vs. Carver at SHS
Friday, September 21- PBIS TLC
Saturday, September 22- Football at McColl

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