Patrik Kiiski Journalism Final

Period 2

About Me

Intro to my life, on a normal day I wake up shower, eat, brush my teeth, and then I go to school. Which isn't all that bad besides for art :(. After school I always sit on the couch and scroll through my phone for at least 15min. Then I finish my homework takes about an hour and a half. So around 5:15 I'm free for the day. Which brings me to my hobbies, I love to fish, play basketball, and eat food. I'm interested in everything marine, I just love the water.

In the future i would like to be a marine biologist, I would like to live near the beach with 2 dogs that would also love to swim. Or i would like to live in LA, California with an apartment and 2 dogs. I would keep in touch with my family and have them visit a lot.

While I am in school I'm planning on trying my best, and keeping in touch with friends. Im going to make a planner to stay on top of all my hw, while still having time to hangout with friends. as of right now it is almost summer which I need really bad. My year here at FM9 has been amazing and I hope next year will be just as great!

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