Andre Crawford- U.S Navy Veteran

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This military man wasn't wrapped too tight.. SMDH.

Andre Crawford, 47, a Navy veteran who was accused of raping and killing women during the 1990s, was found guilty in 2009 of committing a series of rapes on Chicago's South Side. Crawford, who was dubbed the Englewood-area serial killer, was accused of stabbing, strangling and bludgeoning 11 drug addicts and prostitutes, and brutally assaulting a 12th victim who escaped after pretending to be dead. He reportedly killed the victims, smoked crack cocaine and returned to have sex with their corpses in the same abandoned buildings where some of their decayed bodies were found months later.

Authorities, however, painted a much darker picture of Andre Crawford after charging him with the brutal deaths of Harris, Patricia Dunn, Rhonda King, Angel Shatteen, Shaquanta Langley, Sonja Brandon, Nicole Townsend, Cheryl Cross, Tommie Dennis, Sheryl Johnson and Constance Bailey. Police say he confessed to all 11 killings and that his DNA physically linked him to seven of those crimes.

Crawford killed the South Side women after luring them to secluded areas with deals to swap drugs for sex, law enforcement officials said. Most of the victims were strangled, and many of the alleged sexual assaults took place after the victims were dead, according to court records.

It was all just a game...

"He was a mild-mannered guy,"
"I didn't expect him to look like everyone else,"
"I thought he would look like evil."
She had no idea Crawford -- the Navy veteran accused of raping and killing 11 women on the South Side during the 1990s -- would look so normal.
"People forget this happened, but not our family.
"He never degraded women or said anything that would make you think he was violent. He was a nice guy."