The changes in the workplace

Influk of workers from the EU?

Lots of people are coming from difference part from the world are coming to the EU to take our job.

closure of businesses recently?

blockbuster,comet,Woolworth,land of leather,JJB sports and more have closed down

807 stores closed and more than 27,000 people lost their jobs when the shop was liquidated at the start of 2009 woolworth.

fewer jobs for life?

They are fewer jobs out there that you would do all your life like working in a factory or in a hotel or working for the police or something else.

increased use of technology in the workplace?

Now in some supermarkets they now have a self scanning machine where you can scan your shopping so that would mean some of the staff at the supermarkets could be sacked.

better/higher level qualifications needed by employers?

They want people who have better level in Maths and English if they did not have the level they wanted then they would get asked to do something and they might get stuck or can't do it.

increase in the older population not wanting to retire?

The new retirement age is now 68 and they don't have to leave if they enjoy the job that they are doing.

increase in service industries are these jobs well paid or permanent?

In service industries Catering jobs and other jobs are not well paid

Effects of the recession on certain job sectors which companies/job suffered?

A lot of pubs have closed down and a lot of shop have closed down like blockbuster and JJB Sports,comet,land of leather and more shops that have closed down.

Available jobs in York

York had the biggest chocolate but now just have one chocolate factory and York also includes hotel,builders,airlines,travel agency and city tours and some of them are amazing.

Zero hours contractors implications?

A lot of people might not have the money to paid for bills and food and rent if they have zero hours. You don't know if you are working next week and also you might not be able to do things that you plan.

explain how these changes may effect someone's your career plans

You will have to ensure their skills and knowledge is constantly updated who will pay for this?

You will need to keep a update on your skills and practice new things and your boss will need to pay for new software. If you go to university then you will have to pay to get in. some people might not have to pay if they are on benefits.

Life long plan

It is good to have a life long plan but might not happen because things might change.

people will have to move from job to job. It does not matter if you have a life long plan some people don't care about it.

You might what to be more flexible

It would not be good because you would not get any money and pay for things.

you might even have to consider moving away or even aboard

i would feel ok about moving aboard or even moving away