Night Club, Why Not Bro?

-Nuff Said-

Lemme Tell Ya Something Bruh.

Gentlemen, thank you for joining me here. I want to tell you of an amazing opportunity we may have for this community, The citizens of this town and I would like you to take the time and review why we should build a night club in our town. Night clubs serve many good purposes. It can make a lot of money. It can help the citizens connect, making the town have a more humble, loving feel because the citizens can get much closer to one another. The best thing night clubs have to offer is taking the drinking drivers off the streets, huh.. thats a weird way to say that. i mean, the drinking drivers off the streets, does that mean they will drive on the sidewalk? i digress. The night club serves alchohol. im not saying thats good thing, but atleast the drinkers can drink inside the club and not on the streets. im getting bored of telling you things about the club. if you dont get the big picture by now. thats your problem. -DONE-                                                                                                                                                      --Fancy Pants Productions.