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The American Revolution


The war of independence carried out by the American colonies against Britain formed political ideas and influenced revolutions around the world. But before the American Revolution came about, tensions were escalating between the colonists and the British government. On March 5, 1770 the Boston Massacre transpired due to Parliament enacting the Townshend Acts, which placed more taxes on lead, paints, and tea. Because of this, an enraged mob had a violent confrontation with some British troops and as a result five colonists died. In 1773, the Tea Act was passed by Parliament allowing the British East India Company sufficient control on the tea being sent overseas to the colonies. Nevertheless, The Boston Tea Party happened where sixty men dressed as Indians dumped lots of shipments of tea into a harbor. During January of 1774, the Intolerable Acts were passed which closed up the Boston Harbor until the British East India Company was compensated for the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party. To express opposition towards the Intolerable Acts, natives of the colonies met in Philadelphia at the First Continental Congress in the fall of 1774. Moreover, a boycott was initiated of all British goods in the colonies.