War or Anti-War what's it about?

Created by Maverick Engstrom

IRAP Theme- War and Anti-War

My IRAP Theme is War and Anti-War. This is a very import part of our society and as well as the Worlds life span. My theme has a lot of different aspects to it, I mostly had focused on Anti-War for reasons such as how much it affects the people that are inside the War. As I mentioned War and Anti-War has so many different pieces to it, things spanning from the reasons of why it started, all the way to the Anti-War activists fighting against the Military.

What's the difference between War and Anti-War?

The differences between War and Ant-War are really big actually. Starting off with War, this is where people are either for people fighting against another group, and also people who are fighting against another group or culture. Now, onto the Anti-War side of this IRAP Theme, Anti-War is actually very different than War. Anti-War usually means people are against War kind of as it sounds. People protest because safety usually is an issue, also people can be against War because of the threatening of life and living in the areas where the Wars are taking place.
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Now this picture represents the Anti-War side of my IRAP Theme, some people strongly disagree with the USA Military sending people into places to fight a War that may not end out that very well.
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This picture speaks for both War and Anti-War. One of the main things that is being said here in the case of War is that Usually the people with the most power start Wars. Not very often do you see the small guy starting Wars. The people with the most power usually want something that they wont be able to get without using War as their tactic.

2 Quotes for both War and Anti-War

The first quote is from Adolf Hitler, Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. This quote is directly saying about how he made it able for him to pursway people into believing that Jewish people were bad for no reason. The next quote is going to be from Albert Einstein. Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. This quote is very meaningful if you ask me, it is telling me that people have to look deeper into the meaning of situations rather than saying war is the main way to help fix the issue.
John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics
Now, you may know this song because it is one that is very very famous. It truly has so much meaning, and part of the reason of that is because it was written during WWII. It focuses on the people and and how the War was affecting them. John Lennon does an amazing job making this happen, and to tell us a story within a song.