EC-5 Elementary Express

January 2019

January Dates At-A-Glance


January 10 - 5th Grade Orchestra Concert at MHS - 7pm

January 18 - Literary Character Dress Up Day at CEPS

January 21 - NO SCHOOL - Conference Release Day, End of 2nd Quarter

January 22 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development Day

January 23 - Second Semester Begins

January 29 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Litz/Kuester

January 30 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Wells/Lackey

January 31 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Wilson/Butorac

Upcoming Dates in February...

February 1 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Eversoll/Grenzow

February 4 - Report Cards Available on Infinite Campus at 3pm

February 13 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Overture Center

February 18 - No School - Professional Development Day

February 26 - Second Grade Music Program/Art Show

February 28 - First Grade Music Program/Art Show

January Lunch Menus

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Busy in the Morning? Try School Breakfast!

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We all know that breakfast can be the most important meal of the day! We also know that when kids eat a well-balanced breakfast they can more easily focus on learning. Our school nutrition department offers healthy breakfasts to help your children start the day out right.

Breakfast begins to be served at 7:25 at CEPS and 7:15 at WIS. We have many daily options to choose from including cereal, muffins, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and more. All meals come with fruit, 100% juice, and milk. Menus can be found on the district website and our Facebook page

If your family qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunches, you also qualify for Free or Reduced Breakfast! If you have any questions about school breakfast, please contact Barb Waara, Student Nutrition Director, at or 838-4549.

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As the school year goes on, we see an increase in the number of children who arrive late to school. Please make sure that your children are on time to school so they are ready to start the day with their class.

Please note : At CEPS, supervision begins at 7:20am on the playground and at 7:25am for breakfast.

At WIS, supervision begins at 7:30am on the playground and at 7:15am for breakfast.

Thank You!

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A Message From Health Services

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In order to get an accurate accounting of student illnesses, Health Services is requesting that when you call an absence in for your child, please specify if they are ill and what their illness is. Also, please continue to specify vacations, parent request (not an illness), funeral, etc.

Thank you!

Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week

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January 14 - 18 is Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week! Perhaps you'd like to find a way to thank the friendly people who help our kids safely cross our busy streets!

Thank you to all our crossing guards in McFarland!

School Closings Due to Weather

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When severe weather causes our schools to be closed, the school district contacts local news outlets who then publicize that information by 6am. If children are already at school and inclement weather arrives during the day, please listen to Madison area radio and television stations (or check news websites) for announcements of any early closings of school.
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Conrad Elvehjem Primary School Information

Interim Principal:

Greg Nelson

CEPS Building Administrative Assistant:

Emily Broome - (608) 838-3146

Administrative Assistant:

Sheryl Leemon - (608) 838-3146

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Waubesa Intermediate School Information

School Principal:

Sue Murphy

Associate Principal:

Al Northouse

Building Administrative Assistant:

Arlene Bast (608) 838-7667

A Note From Principal Murphy

Dear Waubesa Families -

The entire Waubesa School family wishes you the best for 2019. The New Year is a perfect time to reflect on the past year and set goals and make plans for the future. As a school staff we continue to work on our school goals of high academic achievement and creating a positive school climate where all students feel safe and accepted.

During the year your son or daughter may mention their "buddy" class. Several times during the year students from different grade levels meet and participate in activities with another class. Our hope is that students develop strong bonds that will improve student relationships in the hallways, on the bus, and on the playground. These activities, combined with our positive behavior initiatives have helped create an even better school climate at Waubesa.

Additionally, we hope that students are working to achieve the goals they set at conference time. Now may be a perfect time to check-in with your child on the progress being made on those goals. Your follow-up at home by checking on homework completion, practicing math facts, and reading with your child is much appreciated. The collaboration between home and school ensures success for each child.

If you have questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Enjoy the winter break!

Sue Murphy


Waubesa Intermediate School

2nd Semester and Report Cards

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First semester ends on January 18. Students do not have school on the 21st or 22nd as teachers will be using the time for professional development and to work on assessments and report cards. You can view report cards online on February 4.

Winter Clothing Expectations for Recess at WIS

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While it's important for children to wear coats, hats, gloves, boots, and snowpants outside in the winter to keep warm, we don't require children wear these items to go outside for recess. However, if children don't have these items their access to the playground will be limited based on conditions.

When there is snow on the the ground, the following standards apply. Please note that recess supervisors are always assessing the playground and may deem certain areas off limits, depending on conditions.

  • If a child has boots and snowpants - they will have access to the entire playground, including the fields and play structures.
  • If a child has only boots and no snowpants - they will have access to the blacktop and woodchip areas, but not the fields.
  • If a child has no boots - they will have access to the blacktop only.

If you need assistance purchasing winter gear for your child, please let the office know and we can help!

Reminder - Children go out for recess unless the combined temperature and wind chill factor is -1 degrees or lower.

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  • Thank you to all the volunteers who supported our staff and children this first semester. Your time and efforts truly make a positive contribution to our school!
  • Thank you to our 5th Grade Safety Patrol members and Ronelle Jordan for your coordination of Safety Patrol. Your diligent work is being noticed and your safety message is being heard. Way to go!
  • Thank you to all of the families who joined us on our annual Science Night. This event is sponsored by the UW Biocore Outreach Ambassadors.
  • Thank you for the many donations to the food pantry and to our 5th Grade Student Council members and advisors, Larry Grenzow and Casey Ruhland, for supporting the drive.
  • Thank you to all the families who donated mittens, hats, snow pants, and boots for our coat drive. It was incredibly successful! You're helping kids to stay warm this winter!
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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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