Beauty And The Beast

Nancy Willard ~ Smore By: Sonia Cabral


The setting starts in New York and then Beauty and her sisters must move to the country because her father has lost their wealth. The protagonist is Beauty when she gives up herself and goes behind her fathers back to go with the Beast. The antagonist is the Beast taking Beauty from her family. The Beast has taken Beauty from her father while her sisters don't care at all for Beauty.

Rising Action

When she thinks that the Beast is going to eat her but when she sees her room she is very happy. She is so excited and so shocked at how beautiful her room is.

The Best of Beauty and the Beast

Best Fairy Tale I have read so far


When she is looking in the west wing and she looks at all the pictures and she goes deeper into the west wing. She is just walking around and discovering that the man with the beard and red hair owns the house.

Resolution/Falling Action

William (aka) Beast and Beauty get married and everyone, or everyone in the castle, turned back to normal. Then her father shows up at the top of the stairs and she asks William are my sisters here "yes," said William, they are behind the fire place where they are in chains watching her be happy and they die because they don't have happiness but there sister does.