Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

September 18, 2020

It was a great week!!

Thank you to all, kids, parents, and staff for making this a great week. We have a new secretary, Mrs. Krystal Cottam. She has been a part of our Tustumena family for a quite a while and now she is the hub of our family. I for one, am VERY glad she is here. We also have a new swing shift custodian, Mr. James McGraff also a long time community member. Please welcome them in their new roles.

It has been nice to see a few new kids "filter" in as things become closer to normal. I am ready to be completely back to normal but for now, I will take the smiling faces and the improved learning.

Have a great weekend.

Doug Hayman

From our lunch program - Free Lunch and breakfast for EVERYONE from now until end of 2020

Dear Parents,

Starting Sept 21st breakfast and lunch will be free for students enrolled in brick and mortar schools. This program will be retroactive back to the first day of school with money refunded to the students accounts.

This program will run until December 31st or until USDA funds are depleted. Parents are encouraged to continue filling out a meal application so that they will not be dropped from the meal program on October 6th and will have benefits when the free meal program is discontinued.

Thank you

Diane Buchanan

Student Nutrition Supervisor

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District


(907) 714-8830 Fax (907) 262-0978

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