Constitutional Principle

Popular Sovereignty


Rule by the people.

Excerpts from the Constitution (Paraphrased)-

Preamble: "We the people..."

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 1: "The House of Rep. shall be made up of people voted in by the people..."

Article 4, Section 4: "U.S guarantees a Republican form of gov..."

Tie to an influence from the Enlightenment Philosophers an Influential Documents-

Jean Jacques Rousseau believed in popular sovereignty. He believed that the government should be represented by the people. As well, John Locke held some influence of popular sovereignty. His ideas held influence over American revolutionaries. This belief was documented loosely, but interpreted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


It protects the rights and liberties of it's citizens (nationally and internationally). It's purpose allows us to outline the basic principles of the Constitution.


Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854, the Preamble, and voting for Government officials.