Valentines Day

The flyer my teacher told me to make.

Welcome to my little website/flyer thing where i talk about Valentines Day because i need to do this for English class

I am going to explain why VD is celebrated, how it is celebrated, its traditions, vocabulary?? And examples of Valentines.

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Why is Valentines celebrated?

It was first celebrated by pagans as Lupercalia, a really weird festival which was believed to bring fertility to women by slapping them with bloody goat skin. But everything changed when the Christians came and Christianized the holiday to be more, Christian. From there on out the holiday was known as Valentines Day. But the entire love thing didn't come around until much later and was added due to the belief that birds started to mate around that time. Then someone decided to send a letter to his girlfriend or wife and that tradition blew up. Then, as America does, they commercialized it with mass produced cards and chocolate filled hearts.

How is Valentines celebrated and what are its traditions?

Tons, and tons of chocolate, paper cards and roses. Or just watch Netflix and chill if you're single.


Love, Love, Chocolate, Hearts, Cards, Love, Saint.

Things people say: I love you, Another year as a single man *sigh*.

Now for the finale, Fun Facts,

Did you know that Americans spend all in all 20 billion dollars each year because of Valentines Day? Or that people are more likely to propose on Valentines Day? Wait you probably already knew that.

Valentines Day stories, c:

5 TRUE SCARY Valentines Day Horror Stories [2016]

and Dating a Skeleton, because why not?

Undertale Skeleton Dating Simulator with Papyrus

Pointless, why would you press it?