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Read Across America Edition~April 2014 Volume 1, Issue 3

The month of March was a fun-filled kindergarten learning experience. Kindergartners read many of Dr. Seuss’s classic stories and incorporated his silliness, imagination and love for reading into lessons throughout the month. We made our own fish bowls (One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish), wrote rhyming sentences (Hop on Pop), ate green eggs and ham (Green Eggs and Ham) and had visitors such as Dr. McLaughlin and Officer Fantasia to read some of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories. Kindergarten also joined in the school-wide Read Across America activities such as wearing hats (Cat in the Hat), wearing wacky clothes (Wacky Wednesday) and wearing pajamas (I’m not going to get up Today!) We participated in a school reading train, dressed like our favorite book characters and even taped Mrs. Primavera to the Gym wall!

6th Grade

For Read Across America Week, the Sixth Graders participated in a variety of fun activities. We went to Ms. Jarvis and Ms. Becker's fourth grades and did a fun rewrite of the book Green Eggs and Ham. Some students read their stories and some sang them to both classes! We read to the kindergartners. We also did a graphing game with the Kindergartners, that including Dr. Seuss dice and special graph paper. We, of course, participated in the Reading Train. It was a great week!

Anna Brand

At Apshawa School on a very special week

Everyone had a funny Dr. Seuss streak.

The 6th graders were up and down the hall

Making sure that everyone was having a ball!

6th graders read kindergartners their favorite tales

About Loraxes and elephants and funny shelled snails

With 4th grade partners we rewrote Green Eggs and Ham

You want to read those stories?! I know I am!

The 6th and 3rd graders got together to look

and read and pick the best Dr. Seuss book.

We graphed the results and what do you know

It was Daisy Head Maisie who stole the show!

We taped the principal up to the gym wall

We used lots of tape so she wouldn’t fall

The Reading Train pulled out of the station

As we went on a brief reading vacation!

The sixth grade classes had lots of fun

While working together to get the job done!

Fourth Grade by Fourth Graders

March was like a box, and every time you pulled something out, more fun came! We explored the new world of mythology; we learned words and characters that come from mythology. Did you know that the word janitor comes from mythology? The field trip to see Peter Pan at the West Milford High School was amazing. The flying in the play looked so real. We also went on another field trip to Morristown to see Toying with Science. I liked the act with Gary Krinsky, he balanced two full sized ladders on his chin! Also, he taught us about “ggggrrrraavity” and about balance. Gary showed us how to juggle, and the tips he gave us actually worked. Another thing we pulled out of the box was the Music in Our Schools Assembly. It was run by the one and only Ms. Barry. All of the students from K-6 performed and brought their amazing voices. Everyone sang together and it sounded so perfect. That’s what’s “Marching” out of fourth grade in Apshawa School.

Excerpt pieced together by:

Kyle Major, Daniel Preziosi,

Kaitlyn Kymer and Nick Zgiet

Every Day was Seussical!

The Read Across America Committee schedule several school-wide activities during the week of March 3-7. The lower wing was decorated with Truffula Trees and Dr. Seuss characters when the students walked into school Monday morning. Also, on Monday, the students wore hats to celebrate the Dr. Seuss book, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. On Tuesday, the entire school played Seussingo Bingo in the all-purpose room. On Wednesday, everyone wore mismatched clothes and crazy hair to celebrate the Dr. Seuss book, Wacky Wednesday. On Thursday, students and faculty wore their pajamas to school to celebrate another Dr. Seuss book, I'm Not Getting Up Today. On Friday, the kindergarten and first grade students were surprised by a visit from a West Milford police officer who read to the classes. That afternoon, the entire school formed a reading train out in the hallways where everyone read together for 15 minutes. All of Apshawa had a wonderful time this week! d grade activities! We spent each day with a new theme and investigated different Dr. Seuss books. The highlight of the week Mas when the sixth grade students came to visit and read Dr. Seuss books with us. After reading as many as we could get our hands on, we used our graphing skills to plot the data of our favorites. We ended the week joining the entire school in a reading train that stretched through Apshawa hallways.

Jump Rope for Heart

Do you know what Jump Rope for Heart is? Well, we’ll explain it to you. It’s an activity that 4th, 5th and 6th graders participated in at Apshawa School. We participated in various jump roping activities and contests during our physical education and health classes. During these classes we learned about heart healthy living, and how regular exercise, a healthy diet, and knowledge of risk factors can contribute to a long, healthy life. This activity promotes physical education and provides students with knowledge of heart disease and stroke while raising funds for cardiovascular disease research, stroke research, and health education. Each year more than 7 million children participate in a Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart event, uniting parents, students and the community in an important cause. By participating in these activities, students are given the opportunity to contribute to the fight against heart disease and stroke by raising money for research and education. At Apshawa, we raised $729.00! Jocelyn Geisel, a fifth grade student, was the top fund raiser for the school. Great Job Jocelyn! We hope that students in the coming years will continue to keep jumping rope, raising money and awareness for the American Heart Association and people with heart disease. We hope that students in the coming years will continue to keep jumping rope, raising money and awareness for the American Heart Association and people with heart disease.

Riley Knight, Amanda Finke, Hope Callamari

What an Amazing Month!

March was a month full of exciting activities including: Responsibility Month, Music in our School Concerts, River in the Classroom, the Magic with Science assembly, and Read Across America Week. The students had a blast participating in all of the activities including Seussingo Bingo,duct taping Mrs. Primavera to the wall, the reading train, and reading buddies. We're looking forward to a busy month of preparing for testing!

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