Stop cyberbullying!

Stop Cyber Bullying today

We could all stop cyber bullying today together. cyber bullying is not cool and not very nice. As some people might know, Cyber bullying is against the law. So if someone is cyber bullying someone they could get in really big trouble
. But not just only for cyber bullying, any type of bullying. The world would be an even better place if there were no bullies. More people would be happier. People wouldn't have to worry about being bullied or coming home and getting mean messages from a cyber bully. They would have happier lives..
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You can be more kind to people. if someone is being cyber bullied you can make them feel better by saying nice things to them. never cyber bully or even any type of bullying, because you would not want to be that person that is being bullied. Treat other people how you want to be treated.

There are bullys everywhere.

Bullies are everywhere. cyber bullies are the most common types of bullies. you can find them on an online website, vidio games and mesegges. They try to put people down and make them feel bad. They find it entertaining. This happens to a lot of people around the world. Together we could stop it today