Kobe Bryant

My Favourite Basketball Player

Facts About Kobe........................

- He has been playing for the L.A. Lakers for 12 years

- He got drafted to the NBA in 1996

- He is a point guard/ shooting guard

- Born on August 23 1978 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- He has two sisters Sharia and Shaya Bryant

- Kobe is married to Vanessa Laine

- He has two girls named Natalia Diamante and Gianna Maria- Onore

- Bryants height is 6'6 and he weighs around 200 pounds

- He makes 30.45 million per year

- His nickname is 'Black Mamba'

- His jersey number is 24

- His full name is Kobe Bean Bryant

- Kobe Bryants went to Lower Merion High School

Why He's My Favourite Player

Kobe Bryant has been my favourite player ever since I've seen basketball, he is such and inspirational guy, he has motivated me into playing basketball. He has a good attitude on and off the court. The way he plays inspires people into playing and he makes it seem so much fun. Kobe has always been my role model and he will always inspire me to playing basketball.