Molina Matters

Week of January 19th to 22nd

Feeder Pattern News

Team Molina,

I hope you had time to recharge and revitalize yourselves. Please stay laser focused on mapping and tracking your actions that will lead you to achieve your campus action indicators and goals. I look forward to witnessing how you will enhance your planning efforts this Spring semester.

Pictured below is an exemplar of how to map your efforts this Spring and start planning for the next school year.

Thank you y mil gracias!

Mapping and Tracking our Spring semester

During our Mid-Year reviews and at our January feeder pattern meeting, we discussed the power of engaging your staff in the mapping and tracking of your campus action plan. The suggested framework (picture below) encompasses backward mapping with aligned overarching state/local goals and driven by effective school correlates.

Guiding questions:

  1. How do you backward map and track the actions from your action plan?

  2. What guiding principles (framework) do you use to frame/guide your work?

The phenomenal TED Talk that discusses behavior research supports the use of this framework, thank you Ms. Tamez for sharing this link. Please view this TED Talk on Leadership.

How great leaders inspire action

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The Molina feeder pattern to STEM Day 2016!

This exciting day of hands-on learning and exploration will be held Saturday, February 6, at Skyline High School from 8 am - 4 pm. Registration is required and is now open at

STEM Day was featured in the Dallas ISD The Same Page Newsletter email on January 8 ( The response has been overwhelming and classes are filling quickly.

In order to ensure we have an equitable representation from the district, please encourage your students and parents to register today.

We look forward to seeing you at STEM Day 2016!


Congratulations to Garza ECHS

  • Mr. Oconnor had FIRST place winners in the Districtwide Science Fair this weekend. We are looking forward to Regionals.

  • The State Board of Education will recognize Garza and their blue ribbon in April.

  • Congratulations! Trinidad "Trini" Garza Early College High School has been selected as the Texas College and Career Transition Award recipient for the ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign.

Instructional Corner News

From our Academic Facilitator Rita...

Hello Molina Feeder Pattern,

The Achieve 3000 campus comparison chart and reflection points below are for the week of 1/4/16 – 1/14/16,

As all students participating in Achieve 3000 should have already taken their Level Set, please support teachers in sending the Parent Letter home. Going forward I will provide a weekly comparison as well as growth comparisons.

This data is reflective of the entire campus. CICs should actively pull reports to monitor individual classes and student Lexile level changes over time.

If when analyzing the Average Activity Score, you find the metric consistently low, we will want to consider emphasizing with a monitored, closer reading of the article text and deliberate answering the multiple-choice questions. To add context to the 75% on 1st Try data matrix, teachers may consider using the Time Spent indicators to explore how much time students spend reading articles and answering activities.

Please let me know if you need further assistance in generating or reading teacher/student reports or appropriate interventions for additional support.

Have a great week!

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Reporting Years in U.S. Schools for English Language Learners - Principals, LPAC Administrators, LPAC Chairs, Campus Data Controllers

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