Was 9/11 Planned By The Government?

By: Brittany Sterritt

Loose Change

The government has many people wandering what really happen on the day of 9/11. Did they know that the attack was going to happen? Were they the ones that planned it? Anyone from the government is not going to come out to tell the truth about what actually happen all we have is part of the evidence that was released to the media. Everyone has there own opinion on what happen but with the evidence that I have I think the government planned 9/11. "In 2000, the pentagon conducted training exercises in the event that a plane were to crash into the building. One of the participants was the eventual pilot of Flight 77". Was it a coincidence, they decided to do a training exercise like it was going to happen. "In April of 2001, a NORAD simulation of a plane crashing into the Pentagon is dismissed for being too unrealistic". They dismissed the simulation because the government already knew it was going to happen. If they did the simulation the Pentagon could of prevented it from happening and the government wanted it to happen."On September 10, 2001 San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown, was told not to fly." Why else would the mayor be told not to fly? The government knew something that no one else knew. They made sure that higher authorities were safe but everyone in the twin towers were all in danger.
"Osama bin Laden released a statement in which he denied any involvement in the events of 9/11." With Osama bin Laden being a terrorist and not liking the US, it was everyone's first thought that he was behind everything that happen on 9/11, but is that really true? Osama bin Laden releasing this type maybe was trying to send a message to everyone that it was not him and it was the government. Once you look into all the evidence from 9/11, it all comes together that the government could of had a part of 9/11 and not Osama bin Laden. Why would the government not release certain videos to the media showing evidence that could tell us who was behind the attack. Why would the government attack its own country?