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May 2021

We are officially on a count down!

New Haven families,

To say that "it's been a year" is an understatement. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it, but I want to thank all of our families that partnered with us to make the most of this year. We appreciate your support and feedback throughout the year, which has made us a stronger school. My hope is that we are able to move beyond much of this before the next school year.

The last day of school is Thursday, May 27th, which leaves 19 days together as of May 3rd.

There is a lot of information about the last few weeks of school below.

A sad goodbye & a happy new start

It will be a very emotional end of the school year for us. Not only because this year has just been tough for our students and staff, but because we are losing about 1/3 of the families we have grown to love. Steeplechase is going to be a beautiful facility filled with wonderful people, and I know that our kids will do great. BUT... we are a family at New Haven, and losing some of our family is emotional.

The good news is that some of our staff will be at Steeplechase next year, so there will be familiar faces for our kids and families to connect with. We all hope that this new adventure has wonderful things ahead for our kids. On behalf of all the New Haven staff we want you to know that those leaving will be greatly missed, and of course we are cheering our kids on!

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is teacher appreciation week! May 3rd through 7th! We are very blessed to have the staff that we do; filled with experienced educators who are passionate about our kids! We are very grateful for their work each year.
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5th grade End of the Year information

KPREP TESTING 3rd- 5th graders

Our state testing schedule has been set. All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will begin testing on Tuesday, May 11th through the week. This year, our 3rd graders are only testing in Reading and Math (60 minutes each), 4th graders are testing in Reading, Math, and Science (60 minutes a piece), and our 5th graders are testing in Reading, Math, and On Demand Writing (60 minutes for R&M / 90 minutes for writing). PLEASE, Please make sure that students are present and on time. Testing will begin first thing in the morning while students are fresh. Students who are absent will need to make up testing, which isn't difficult, but they have to be separated from their classes (who already tested) until they make up their portion of tests. Again, it just makes things so much easier on students when they can all follow the same routines. I appreciate your efforts to help us with this.

5th grade celebrations & promotions

We are attempting to provide as "traditional" of an end of year as possible for students, but obviously have to continue to follow protocols regarding COVID. We considered several different options with our students in mind and settled on the following:

Promotion- we will have our awards ceremony during the school day for our 5th graders. We are unable to allow families in so we will be videoing the entire event and sending out the link for families to celebrate in their own way on their own time.

I want to explain that our current 5th grade class is the largest class we have had in a while; exactly 181 students. Due to the need to social distance and to sanitize, etc. there is no way we could have more than 2 adults for every student, and we would have to have multiple nights of promotion to do it "live". To allow more than just 2 adults experience the celebration we decided that we would record and send it out to families. We are allowing our virtual students attend the promotion if parents would like them to; more information from Mrs. Sigmon will be sent out. Students will be in masks; separated by classes.

Picnic- We will be having our traditional "amazing race" and picnic outside with our 5th graders to celebrate their accomplishments. In order to attend; students CAN NOT have any I's for the quarter (all work caught up, etc.). We are working to provide lunch for all students, as well as, many fun events to wrap up this school year. Virtual students are invited to attend, but we will need a confirmation. This will be a staff and students event.

Drive through parade- We want to involve our kids and parents in an end of the year parade that involves all of our staff. We received great feedback last year from families, and wanted to provide another unique experience for our kids. We are inviting our entire staff to line the bus loop and large lot sidewalks to cheer on our kids. We would love for you & your family to drive through and see all of our staff together for a final year.

LAST DAY: Students will meet in the gym at the end of the day for the traditional "signing of the shirts". This is just an amazing time to provide some final closure and good byes for our students as we transition them to be middle schoolers! We will have students take their last lap around the hallways to say goodbye, and to be waived on by the other students. There will not be high 5's this year, and everyone will be spread out more with masks on. We will not be able to allow visitors in this year to line the hallways as in the past because there is just not enough room. However, parents can line the outside sidewalks and bus loop.

Parents intending to take their children home after this, MUST send in a note so that we can put your child on the sign out list. We will have staff members available prior to the end of the school day check your ID's and have you sign your child(ren) out before dismissal so that once they come out they can leave with you.

May 25th- 5th grade promotion recording during the school day. Link will be sent out to families for their viewing.

May 26th- 5th grade picnic (outside)
Drive through Promotion 6:30 - 7:00

May 27th- 5th grade shirt signing- "Final Walk" (end of day dismissal)

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Chromebook Collection

In order to collect, check, sanitize, and inventory all of the Chromebooks and chargers, we will begin collecting on Tuesday, May 25th. Mrs. Dammeyer will be collecting the devices at the end of A Hallway (doors closest to our playground by the large lot). She will be collecting from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm and 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

Virtual students will be given assignments to complete that do not require use of Chromebooks.

Borrowed devices broken or not returned by the end of the school year will be billed.

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2021 TALENT SHOW!!!!

New Haven Elementary's PTO Virtual Talent Show

Calling all TALENTED TIGERS! This year we are offering a Virtual Talent Show! It's time to get those creative juices flowing! Was are so excited to offer a Virtual Talent Show this year, as it will allow for a wide variety of ways to participate for both staff and students!
*Are you a Tik Tok superstar?
*Do you play Guitar or an instrument super well?
*Are you really good at dancing, painting or drawing?
*How about Singing?
*You could buddy up with a classmate and find those creative talents you have!
*Think outside the box!
The talent show will be shown to students during school hours. A link will be sent out for virtual students and for student and parents to enjoy at home.
Staff and students will have access to the Talent Show video starting May 24th, 2021
Entries are due by the end of the day May 17th, 2021.
Contact Nora Turner at with any questions or concerns.
Please submit 1 form per student.
*Dress and content must be school appropriate and follow our policy to make the cut.

To enter, click the link below:

Click Here to Submit an Entry!

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Learning Grove (formerly Children's Inc)

We will be offering before and after school care for our students again next year. This will be through Learning Grove (formerly Children's Inc) and will be from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm as before and will continue to be housed in our Multipurpose room. Below is a flyer about the program, a registration form, and contact information.

New Haven ONLY provides space for this program, we are NOT in charge of it or handle enrollments, etc.

Don't let Summer Slide happen to your child!

Summer learning loss can be a real thing. There is a lot of research supporting that students who are not engaged in continuous learning over the summer can lose skills previously learned, putting them behind peers at the start of the school year.

Students don't have to be in a "rigorous" schedule over the summer, but it is important to keep some skills sharp so that they maintain the learning momentum created over the school year.

Each child will be receiving an "Individualized learning plan" with their report cards the last day of school. This was created to specifically show what standards were mastered and what still needs to be focused on, as well as, ideas / activities to do over the summer to support learned content and to solidify information not yet absorbed. PLEASE look for this with your child's report cards.

We are also offering parents the opportunity to order grade level Summer Bridge books for students to work on over the summer. These would be at a discounted rate using our school code. We don't receive anything for your purchases, but are extended the school rate to families. Over the summer we will have 3 check ins, designed for students to pace themselves through the workbook and receive prizes for their hard work.

The link for the order form is below. :)

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Summer reading program

We are offering a summer reading incentive program for all students who complete portions of the Summer Bridge Book. In order to best meet the needs of (times) for parents please complete the survey below.

Please take this survey so we can accommodate the best times for you.

Please take survey here!

All Day Kindergarten

ALL Boone County Schools will be offering all day kindergarten beginning the 2021-2022 school year. We are so thrilled to be able to offer this to our youngest learners, and this could not come at a better time! Boone County schools will not be offering a 1/2 day options, as we will be utilizing the entire day to provide many opportunities to build academic and social skills.

We are continuing to register students for the 21-22 school year. If you have any questions you can call New Haven @ 859-384-5325 and we will be happy to assist you.

Camp Invention- back in person @ New Haven Elementary

New Haven will have all it's favorite science staff back again this summer for IN-PERSON Camp Invention! This is not a New Haven organized event, but it is housed at our school and staffed with many of our amazing teachers.

We are looking for any high school or college students looking to be apart of the leadership intern program though! It's a great way to get your service hours knocked out before school even starts, or if you are a college education students you get hours too! It looks great on a resume! If you are interested you can visit or call 1-800-968-4332

If you are looking to register your child for camp invention you can click HERE! Spaces are already limited and fill up quickly. Camp is a day camp at New Haven from 9:00 to 3:30 beginning July 26th - July 30th.

Keeping up with the Calendar Chaos


11th - 14th STATE TESTING WINDOW for 3rd- 5th grades
13th- BOE meeting @ Ralph Rush Center / 7:30 pm
18th- School is in session to make up November 13th "snow day".
21st- Gray Band director and Wert Music visit our 5th graders
24th- Talent Show link sent out for everyone's enjoyment!
25th- Chromebook Collection Day (10 - 11:30 & 12:30 - 2 = Large lot- A hallway doors)
5th grade Promotion recording
26th- 5th grade picnic (day) 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
Drive Through Parade (6:30 - 7:00) @ New Haven bus loop
27th- Last day of the 2020-2021 school year