Texas Engineering Institute

We accept anyone willing to put in the work

United States Engineering Institute

This college has produced some of the worlds best engineers.The degrees we offer are electrical engineering,motor engineering,architecture,and welding. The degrees that we teach up to are PhD and Docterates degreees with the help of full paid scholarships.Some school activities are football,paintball,five stand,and skeet. It is 67,000 for 4 years.

courses and classes

To be an electrical engineer you need to know Electrical engineering courses that typically include:
  • Basic science
  • Computers
  • Design courses
  • General engineering
  • Life science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical science

To be a motor engineer you need to know:

manual transmission, transaxle principles, steering, suspension, engine principles basic, emission control systems, engine electrical systems, technical drawing and print reading, circuits and electronics, electromechanics, fluid mechanicsk, heat transfer, mechanical vibrations, stress analysis, motorsport technology, powertrain systems, and automotive design and manufacture.

To be an arachitecture the basics you need to know are:

  • History and Theory of Architecture
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Architecture Design
  • Theory and Method in Architecture
  • Structural Systems
  • Site and Urban Design
  • Space and Composition
  • Types of Structures
  • Preservation and Restoration
  • Heating, Cooling, and Lighting
  • Human Settlement Patterns
  • Construction Estimating
  • Project Planning and Feasibility
  • Environmental Systems
  • Architectural Internship
  • To apply to our college Email us at TEI@gmail.com  .                                                                                                                     

    Paintball gunning tournament

    Wednesday, Mar 20th, 2:45pm to Sunday, Mar 31st, 10:30pm

    TEI campus

    We have rentals we prefer to bring your own paintball guns and ammo. See you there. :)