Second Grade

February Curriculum Update

The snow is beginning to melt as things heat up in second grade. This month is a shorter one, but a BUSY one. Check out some of the things that we will be doing!

Reading Workshop

Our biography unit is moving full steam ahead! The children will continue to read and explore non-fiction features in their books, and learn about the many important elements of biographies. As the reading is completed, each child will design a "mini" biography. In the lab, they will use Wixie to create their own version of a biography about the person they have researched.

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop coincides with Reading Workshop this month. As the children work on their "minI" biography project, they will be focusing on writing a good lead; trying to "hook the reader." In addition, this non-fiction project will be written in Q and A form. The children will need to phrase their questions and answers clearly, providing support for their answers. Some children may challenge themselves to include captions, quotes, charts, graphs and timelines. The project also involves practice of the writing process: note-taking on a graphic organizer, a rough draft, self and peer edit, all leading to the final draft.


We will continue to finish up our introduction to multiplication, and will begin to discuss its inverse operation, division. Second graders will also be starting a new unit of addition and subtraction. During this unit, they will find the missing number in equations and use mental math strategies to solve problems. As always, we will continue to practice using model drawing to solve problems that involve real-life application of our math studies.

Social Studies

This month we will be finishing up learning about Europe with our main focus on England. This is all in preparation for our Colonial America unit later in the year.

February is a month full of celebrations. We will learn about Black History Month, Chinese New Year, Heart Health, and Presidents Day.