Testing Tips

Volume 2 - February 24, 2020

Welcome to our Testing Tips Newsletter: Week 2

The purpose of our Weekly Testing Tips is to help you and your student(s) feel more comfortable when they take the CAASPP and/or CAST testing this Spring. This weeks newsletter will focus on Test Prep Review Resources and Games. Below you will find great resources and tools that you can use to help your child as their test date approaches.

Set your child up for success by using Test Prep Workbooks

Many Test Prep workbooks, videos and resources can be found to help support your student. These workbooks are another tool to help students become familiar with the format of the test. Below are just a few examples of some Test Prep Materials. (Available in all Grades)

Test Prep Games

Another great and fun way to prepare your students for State testing are test review games. Use a fun way to introduce topics and tests to help your student feel comfortable and excited about test practice. Below is just an example of a few of many test prep game materials available.

Game Ideas to Make Test Prep Review More Fun

1. Review Jeopardy

This twist on the classic game show allows for a lot of flexibility on what topics you want to cover: English, math, science, etc. This test prep idea includes an energy-burning bean bag toss. Use this link below for a free CAASPP Review board game of Jeopardy. All you need to do is to add your review questions and play! https://www.playfactile.com/caaspreview

2. Review Vocabulary by Playing BINGO

Another modification on a traditional game, Vocabulary Bingo is a fun way to reinforce definitions. Let you student select from a range of vocabulary words to include on their Bingo sheets, and “call” each word by reading the definition or citing an example of the term.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

Another fun game to play is to have review questions, give two correct answers and then a made up answer. You can use actual test review questions if you think it would be helpful. The student has to try and guess which answers are true and which answer is the "lie."

Set your child up for success by Using the Practice Tests Offered by the State

One way to make your child more comfortable on the day of testing is to get them familiar with the testing interface. We have links below for practice tests specifically for this purpose. The children that use these practice tests prior to testing come in more confident and feel comfortable navigating the tests since they know what it will look like, how to use the tools within the tests, and how to navigate the parts of the tests. Practicing with them at home also allows you as the parent, whom they are comfortable with, to help them figure out what to do as opposed to a new face in the testing room. We hope you and your student can check out the practice tests below!

Also, you as the parent can become familiar with the general testing FAQs and information. Below are also some great links for parents to become familiar with the CAASPP and CAST. If you are educated on the testing information, you can better calm your child's fears and address their concerns.

Practice Test!

Click HERE to try a practice test today!