Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover and Citrus Cleaner

Adhesive Remover and Citrus Cleaner is specifically designed to clean testech brand gunjets and
adhesives from a variety of surfacesK ft has a fresh citrus scent and removes scuff marksI graffitiI
grease, tar and much more. It can be used on most substratesto remove adhesives, grease, inks, oils
stainsI tarI rubber marksI residue from decals or tapesI graffitiI and release agentsK
tq-CCAo can be used to clean up overspray on laminate and aid in clean-upK

• Metals
• Flooring • Motors
• Printing Equipment • Concrete

Adhesive Remover
Westech’s self contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease
of useKqhe canister is equipped with a reusable hose and gunK fts portability enables you to apply
remover in your facility as well as on the job siteKqhis product is available in handheld aerosol cans
and 9 lb. canisters.

Technical Data

testech CCAo product is specifically designed to remove testech brand adhesives from a variety
of substrates. It is recommended to do a test area prior to use.

Technical Data:

• Contains NO CFCs
• Contains NO HAPs (hazardous air pollutants)

Performance Features:

• Removes all types of solvent-based adhesives, as well as many other substances.
• Sprays easily

Safety Recommendations:

sapors may be harmful to healthK heep away from childrenK rse only in well ventilated areas or
use respiratory protectionKqhe product jpap should be read and understood before useK bye
protection is requiredKqhis product is flammableK heep away from fire or flameK kitrile gloves are
suggested for use. Most solvents are transdermal and can passthrough skin easily.

Recommended Usage:

testech CCAo is a super strength adhesive remover K ft is specifically designed
to remove testech brand adhesives from a variety of surfacesK ft works well
on most plastics, vinyl covered panels and countertop laminates.