The gas giant


Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. It is also about 480 millon miles from the sun. On Jupiter insted of having a flat surface it has thick clouds millons of miles thick! And insted of having clouds made of millons of tiny raindrops these clouds are made up of mostly hydrogen and a few other gasses. Jupiter's core is more than 50,000 thousand degrees F!!!!! If on Earth you weigh 200 lbs then on Jupiter you would weigh 364 lbs!!!!!

Jupiter's Moons

About Jupiter's Moons

Jupiter has at least sixteen moons but some have not been discovered yet. Some of the moons are only about 50 miles wide. But the four largest moons are Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. These are called Galilean moons after the famous scientist Galileo. This scientist fist saw the moons in a small homemade telescope in 1610. Io. This moon has something that no other moon has In the solar system. Active volcanoes!! These volcanoes erupt often flowing hot lava and flinging dust and rocks out into space!! Europa. This moon is made of ice about 46 miles thick!! scientist think that Europa is made of more than just ice. They think that it also has rocks frozen into the ice. Ganymede. This moon is two and a half times bigger than our moon. It is made up mostly of ice and rocky soil. This moon used to have erupting volcanos but then the burned out. The surface of Ganymede is wrinkled. Callisto. This moon is almost all ice with a little bit of rock hidden deep is the ice. It also has deep ginormous craters made from meteorites!!

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This is a picture of Jupiter's Galilean moons.