Roman cities



Roman cities were centres of romanisartion. They helped to spread Roman culture throughout the Empire.Cities had a grid system, similar to a military camp. They had two main streets: the cordo, going from North to South, and the decumanus, going from East to West.The forum was the central square where the two streets crossed. Political, social and economic activity took place there.There were many types of buildings:Public buildings included basilicas, where justice was administered.There were temples to gods and goddesses. Public baths were also meeting places.there were also buildings for entertainment. Gladiator combrats took place in amphitheatres, and chariot races in circuses. There were shows at theatres.

Private houses

there were two main types of private houses in Roman cities:The insulae were shared buildings with many small apartemts. There were often shops and workshop on the ground floor.The domus was a house for a single wealthy family. Its rooms sorrounded an atrium, or indoor courtyard

Some roman houses