ENMS 8-30-13


These weeks seem to keep getting better and better. We had a great week with a lot of activities for our students. Our student body did such a good job at the anti-bully program and did a great job of getting transported there and back. Anytime we can move 600 students from one location to another in a matter of 15 minutes it is an impressive feat! Thank you for your help with that.

We wrapped up the week with our "Take a Stand, Lend a Hand". It was nice seeing our cafeteria with all of the inspirational messages and anti-bully slogans tapped on the walls. The students also seemed to enjoy tapping me to the wall! Although, there were several staff members who seemed to enjoy it more. The kids did enjoy it and I even scared a few by jumping off the wall at them. Thank you Mrs. Munger and Mrs. Hiltunen for getting this around.

When walking in the hallways our students really seem to enjoy being here. Many of them have smiles on their faces and their body language shows it. That comes back to you as a staff and making the classroom and school enjoyable. Thank You!

Other Items...


We talked about the new RISE rubric and evaluations for this school year this past Monday. If you have any questions please stop by and see myself or Bill. We will most likely begin evaluations in September. If you would like to view the Prezi I used at collaboration you can click here.

Great Things

I had the chance earlier this week to stop in Mr. Bennett's classroom and look at some of the amazing projects his students had completed on Native Americans. If there is something you want us to see going on in your classroom please email us. We try to get in classrooms as much as possible but obviously it's not everyday and we may miss some great things. Be an advocate for yourself in the classroom!

Academic Lab

I know Academic Lab's have been very busy lately with many things taking place. Thank you for working through these activities and helping complete them. Digital Citizenship is a very important topic we need to cover with our students and I appreciate you working hard with our students to do this. Thanks again to Sibert for putting all of that together!

Regardless of what is going on in Academic Lab you should still be devoting the first 20 minutes to silent reading. I have been in a few classes this week to read silently with the students also. When they are finished reading they should complete the reading log sent out by language arts teachers.

Just a reminder that on Tuesday the 3rd you need to complete the academic lab check sheet. Fill it out for all failing students in your class and send a copy to your team leader. Team leaders please send these to myself, Bill, and Lisa

Free Meat

Campbell and Fetter is doing their annual customer appreciation lunch on September 13th. They have extended an offer to our staff for free pork burgers. Let me know by Thursday September 5th if you would like some for lunch (one or two). We can have it picked up for your lunch period that day.