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News of the day - Athens is Growing!

With all these new things in Athens it may seem a bit overwhelming, and scary. But don't worry, Times New Athens has all the information about the brand new stuff that's been happening over here in Athens!

We have the making of the Parthenon. Planned to be 23,000 square feet built in the style of Greek temples, with many pieces of art, and a beautiful statue of Athena that is made out of gold and ivory, and stands over 30 feet tall! We also have some information about the new theaters. These brand new theaters are showing two kinds of drama: Tragedy, and Comedy. Tragedy is a serious drama that's about common themes such as love, hate, war, and betrayal. Comedy is a funny drama with scenes about slapstick situations and crude humor. You should definitely go out and check out all these new things to see the beauty of it all too!.

By Shannon Simpson

An Interview with The Famous Plato, with questions about his new book, "The Republic".

S.S. - Here we are today with the famous Plato, hello.

Plato - Hello.

S.S. -Plato, who was your mentor?

Plato - My mentor was Socrates

S.S. -When did you create your school?

Plato - I founded my school, The Academy, in 387 B.C.

S.S. -What is your book, "The Republic", about?

Plato - My book is about my vision of a perfectly governed society, that is divided in three groups.

S.S. -What are the three groups?

Plato - The three groups are Farmers and artisans, warriors, and the ruling class.

S.S. -Who would be the king?

Plato - Well, it would be more of a philosopher king, not really a king. The person in the ruling class with the greatest insight and intellect would be it.

S.S. -What do you believe is one of the most important thing people could gain from this book?

Plato - It is that "Philosophy begins in wonder".

S.S. - Thank you Plato for this lovely interview.

Plato - Your Welcome

By Shannon Simpson.

Review of "Oedipus the king"

Oedipus the king is a greek tragedy written by Sophocles. The story is about oedipus trying to find out who killed king Laius. But at the same time, he is trying to figure out his fate. Many events occur throughout his journey, including marrying his mother! The struggle to answer the question "who am i?" is taking over Oedipus and his actions. But overall, the story is a beautifully written tragedy and we applaud Sophocles for his great works.

By Daniela Marquez

Sports - The Olympic games are starting!

The Olympic games are finally starting this year! Its the first day and its already looking grand and magnificent. They already have vendors up and running, the entertainers, and the horse traders. First the athletes are made to swear to Zeus that they have been training for 10 months. This part of the games is taking place in the Bouleuterion in front of the ten Hellenodikal - organizers of the games. On the morning of the second day we have the chariot and horse races in the hippodrome, woman are allowed to compete, but as horse owners who can enter without attending the games. Then in the afternoon theres the pentathlon, consisting of athletes giving their all at discus, javelin, long-jump, running, and wrestling. On day three we have the running races, the long-distance Dolikhos and two sprints. The short sprint is one length of the stadium. We also have the religious ceremony where the 100 oxen are sacrificed to the gods, with their meat shared through out the crowd. On day four we finally have the best event, the contact sports! Boxing and wrestling; the pankration, which is both boxing and wrestling. Also on the fourth day, the hoplitodromos is held, a race in armor, which makes sure we are battle ready at any time! On day five we have all of the winners honored by the hellenodikal who will place the olive leaf wreaths on their heads! After that we'll celebrate and feast until morning comes. So come and join us! I know you won't regret it!.

By Shannon Simpson

The gossip in Athens:

The annual Dionysia festival is coming up and everyone is preparing. The nine archons, who are in charge of festivals and ceremonies, are planning the festival and making sure that every year is better than the last. Every year, we celebrate the god Dionysos by having fun, throwing parties, drinking wine, and see plays. It is a time for everyone to unite and celebrate our beloved Dionysos. The feeling of celebration is as warm as a sip of divine nectar!

By Daniela Marquez

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Fun facts!

  • Two Famous schools in Athens are Plato's Academy And Aristotle's Lyceum
  • The statue of Athena is currently located in the Parthenon
  • 120 slave workers make shields in Athen's biggest factory
By Daniela Marquez