Water Shortage Presentation

By Jasmine Z. Bryson S. and Eli M.


All over America, we use water more than we realize. In fact, the average American Family of four uses over 400 gallons of water every day! Some of which is used way more often than we think. However, we just happen to be in Texas. This is why we have read articles, made graphs, and written a proposal on how we could save millions of gallons of water.

The Articles we use

We had to get our research from somewhere, here's the links to what we used.

Written by WaterSense, U.S

Written by Holly Heinrich


Written by Texas Water Development Board

Our Synopses

Each of us made a Synopsis on our chosen article and why we think it helps us.

Eli M.'s Synopsis
(Article Used)
Written by Holly Heinrich

Today in Texas, water isn't the most plentiful resource out there, and communities everywhere are finding ways to lessen the amount of water used up every day. Cities in America are coming up with creative and efficient methods of conserving water. The reason for all this? Constant drought. Not only does it lessen our income of water, but we end up using more, too. The article I read spoke about how 10 western cities deal with water scarcity and drought, which has increasingly innovative ideas that work well.
I believe that this article is informative and posts some good ideas on how cities in Texas could save and conserve water. I believe the ideas pitched in this article SHOULD be used everywhere. I think city councils will start considering ways to conserve water by the next major drought. This could serve as a very efficient and functioning system, which could save cities millions of dollars.

Bryson S.' Synopsis

Article used -

Written by WaterSense, U.S

The Texas natives, are on a bit of a water shortage. This started a couple years back. We are not getting enough rain. So what do we do next?

In the article I read it was very informative, and had good ideas. Next, I think they will desalinate. However, I don't think it's a good idea because it costs a lot. That would also mean taxes would go up!

Jasmine Z.'s Synopsis

Article used- www.waterdatafortexas.org

Written by- The Texas Water Development Board

Droughts in Texas are an increasingly big problem! We need water to grow plants, crops, and to function every day. Even fun activities require lots of water and as a whole state, we don't have that much water to use as entertainment now. I think something that can be done about this is, 1. We can have "water curfews" meaning you can run water inside and out for a certain amount of time, and if you use more over that ending time, you pay more. Also I was thinking we could have timers on the appliances in your house! For example, your dishwasher has a timer for each cycle, so why not have the same on other things like your sink! My last idea was to find a different substance other than water to put out fires large and small. That would save lots of the water that firefighters use now! Now think about it, we could lose water fairly soon if we don't conserve it and use it wisely... What else can we do to help save water in Texas?

The Proposal

So, what ways could Texas begin to use less water than we bring in? Here's what we think.



By- Jasmine Z, Bryson S, and Eli M

Losing water is a big problem for a state like Texas where it’s very hot and dry! Many people also like to farm here, meaning they need water for themselves, their crops, and their animals. An average person uses about 150-250 gallons of water every day. When it comes to taking a shower, running the dishwasher, washing your clothes, drinking water, brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, and washing your hands, there’s a lot of water put to waste if you think about it! For example… Why leave the sink running while brushing your teeth, even if it’s just a little bit, when you can turn it off and save a gallon? Just think about what you can do to help us save water!

What can you even do? It’s like thinking about how you can save the world in two seconds! Although, we were thinking about several things we could do, such as having a “water curfew”. For example- say you want to water your plants today, well your HOA, if you have one, can assign certain times you can run water, outside. Also we thought we could build factories, in the coastal region, for desalinization, so the water in the ocean will be safe to drink and use regularly. Or another idea could be to build large tanks in the coastal region as well, and when it rains the tanks will collect the rain water, that would also go through purification and can be used regularly.

We think that desalinization would be the most efficient way to conserve our water, because we have widespread oceans and not a lot of purified water for us to use! So why not build underwater pipes to fill up with water and transfer to desalinization factories in the Coastal region. Basically after being transferred, the salt water will be purified and, for example, can be bottled and shipped to stores. Now what do you think is the best way for us to conserve water?

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