By: Kennedy

1. Katrina was a category 5 hurricane

It had wind speed speeds up to 174mph damaging houses and many buildings.

2. It was August 23, 2005

The hurricane had heavy winds and a ton of rain from August 23-31st. It was not a one day thing.

3. Hurricane Katrina was the largest hurricane in the US.

It wasn't only the lrgest but the 3rd strongest hurricane in the US.

4. Rescuers saved 34,000

They saved 34,000 in only New Orleans. That is not counting the people in Alabama and Mississippi

5. Affected parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama

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6. This hurricane affected many people's lives

Killed nearly 2,000 people all together. Many people lost family members and friends from this storm

7. Since it was in more then one state it affected a lot of land

It damaged 90,000 square miles of land throughout the storm.