Biomass energy

By: Chloe Nations and Faith Reese

How is biomass energy is formed?

Biomass energy is formed from animal and decaying plant waste. When animals eat plants, they go through the digestion system and it turns to biomass.

How is biomass used?

Biomass is used for basic life functions, charcoal, fuel, or gas production. Biomass has been used for thousands of years.

Advantages of biomass energy

Disadvantages of biomass

•biomass energy isn't free.

•space is a concern when considering biomass as a fuel sorce.

•it doesn't have a positive act on wildlife.

Where is biomass found most?

Biomass is found in rainforests most often. It is also found in wet, soggy places.
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Is biomass renewable?

Biomass is renewable because it can be anything from energy crops to forest waste. It is currently the largest form of renewable energy in Europe.
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Where is biomass found?

Biomass is found in wet, soggy places. It is mainly found in rainforests in South America.