High School Biology

and Learning/Development Theory

How can we as educators minimize the learning gap?

Over the course of the Spring 2013 semester, we have discussed and examined how to crack the code questions teachers, students, administrators, parents and anyone in the education world have often pondered but been left unanswered. The common goal we all share is this: successfully eliminating the achievement and learning gap that seems to be ever-increasing in our nation.

A dive into the two course novels

I personally felt the most beneficial resources throughout the entire class was Why Don't Students Like School? by Daniel T. Willingham and Teaching as Leadership by . This book had SO much knowledge for beginning teachers, student teachers, seasoned teachers and anywhere in between, all jam-packed into less than 230 pages! Through my Live Binder, you can explore how I found a few of Willingham's and Farr's chapters beneficial for my future, why, and how I can apply them to a 21st century, high school science classroom.

"There is great danger in the present day lest science-teaching should degenerate into the accumulation of disconnected facts and unexplained formulae, which burden the memory without cultivating the understanding." - J.D. Everett, writing in 1873 (Willingham, page 26).