Culture Wars and the Supreme Court

Four Different Cases

Roe vs. Wade

In 1973, a law was passed legalizing abortion. This case relates to the Culture War as it is something that goes against Christian beliefs. Christianity promotes pro-life beliefs and abortion goes against those beliefs in every way it can. It extended recognition of women's rights and the right to privacy.

Lawrence v. Texas

Initially, homosexuals were not allowed to participate in private sexual activities legally. With the appeal of this Supreme Court case, they were given the legal freedom to participate in private activities. The government of Texas allowed religious beliefs to cloud their judgement when they created the law stating it was illegal for homosexuals to participate in sexual relations.

Epperson v. Arkansas

A statute (stating that it was unlawful for teachers in state supported schools to teach evolution) is recognized as unconstitutional. Epperson, a public school teacher, sued, claiming the law violated her First Amendment right to free speech. This law relates to the cultural war because religious beliefs are being brought into governmental issues.

Edwards v. Aguillard

Louisiana's creationism act (prohibiting the teaching of evolution in schools) is ruled as invalid of the first amendment. This law relates to the cultural war as the teachers beliefs and views are being threatened by authority of the government.

Stephen Breyer and Ruth Ginsburg

If these two senators want to secure the principles they have fought for during their careers as Supreme Court judges, they should retire. By staying and challenging the outcome of the 2016 elections, they would be threatening their judicial legacies.

Stephen Breyer and Ruth Ginsburg

If these two left office, there is a possibility that two more mainstream liberals would be elected to take their places.


The culture wars in America encompass many things. There are culture wars over religion, sexual orientation, and cultural beliefs from other countries. These culture wars help shape the American cultural identity. People become more accepting of different cultures, religions, and sexual orientation.