Andrew Jackson: Yay or Nay

All about Andrew Jackson (By: Chris O'Nan)

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson wanted the Natives out. So, he did kick them out. The Natives went on a long seven months trail to get from Georgia to Oklahoma. The trail was 2,300 miles long. Many died of the cold or starvation.

The Death of the National Bank

Andrew Jackson felt like the National Bank is unconstitutional. But, the National Bank was declared necessary and proper. But, Jackson doesn't care so he veto the Bill. The supreme court are angry about this but they don't do anything because they don't want to loose there jobs.

Spoil System

People felt bad for Andrew Jackson. So people voted for him. Andrew Jackson asked for people to help him become the president and and when he won they would get a better job. So, Andrew Jackson kicked people out so his supporters could get there job.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

This Political Cartoon is about Andre Jackson and him being presented as a King. He is represented as a king because he acted like one. He would not listen to the Supreme court and they would have vetoed it but they did not want to loose there jobs. People looked at him like he was a king because he only cared about himself.


I lost my home, my family and almost my dignity. I hate this so much why do we have to move out!? We took a small part of Georgia... can't they build around us? We won the Worchester v. Georgia case. Why do we have to move? Its cold, I am hungry and Tired. We had to walk over 2,000 miles to a area we don't know. I can't believe they kicked us out. WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?

Factory Worker

I just got a job in the White house! All I had to do was vote and support Andrew Jackson! There was a name tag still on the desk when I got there. But Jackson told me not to worry about it. I am rich now! My family and I bought a bigger house. This is the best thing to happen to me ever!