All About Me!!!

By: Bailey Driscoll

My Family.

There is 5 people in my family. I have two annoying weird sisters. One is almost 16 and the other is almost 14. The one that is turning 16 is Hannah. Hannah's really good at dancing and likes to play the i'm older and i'm stronger and i'm wiser card. It gets really annoying. She is two years older and She is really good at art like she is the best. Abby is my really annoying, older sister. Yes Abby is older then me by 11 min. She wont let me forget that to. The funny thing is, is when she says that, I can say, "Yeah? Well i'm 11 inches taller!" My mom is named Percilla and my dads name is Daman. I have been told A LOT that I am my moms favorite (by my mom.) Abby is also my twin, and I HATE it when people compare us or when they call me Abby.

Sports (Basketball)

I play three sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I love basketball. We have 8 girls this year so we don't have a lot. Are team is not the school basketball team are team is MBA. We have been in the top 3 places for state sense 5th grade. In 5th grade we got first, 6th grade we got 3rd, 7th grade we got 2nd. This year we hope to get 1st, but doesn't everyone wish they get first? Are team has been practicing harder then we ever have to reach this goal of ares. We lost one of are best players this year but we are trying are best without her. Most of us have sisters two years older then us and that grade was also coached by the same coach we have been coached sense 1st grade or second. So all of us have been with each other for a very long time so we are all like family. The grade two years up that has some of are sisters in it won state four years running so its really hard to live up to them so are coach expects more of us and pushes us hard but its all worth it because we all want to win. The sad thing is, is that this is are last year with are coach because he can only coach us up to 8th grade. So that means that this is the last year for us to be with him and for us to be together and having a chance to win state. This year will be very hard for us, not just because of the games and practices, but having to leave will be sad. At the end of the year I will tell my coach my favorite memory of him and one of my favorite games in like 5th grade. We lost the game in my favorite memory, but it wasn't about winning or losing in that game, it was about what my coach said to me and the players after the game. you see, my coach was gone but are second coach was coaching us and he didn't play me much because back then, I really sucked at basketball, but when I got in I tried my hardest. My coach got their close to the end of the game and saw how hard I tried and after the game he had a talk with us, he said, "Bailey, i'm very proud of you, you tried really hard today" Then he looked at all the other players and said "She might not have the best ball handling, or the best shooting, etc. and said but shes got heart. She really tries, she was out there and tried her best, and that is what all of you need. Heart.

Sports (Swim team)

My sister and I have been on the swim team for most of are life. I started when I was 6 and Hannah started when she was 7. We were on two teams, but it was to much money. So we just went with the one. We swim on the Sun Prairie swim team. I'm not that good at it, but Hannah is well, better. In the summer my mom makes us do swim team. We have to be at the pool by 6:00 Am. Every morning. That's why we don't go to summer school. Its hard work. Everyone says, "Oh swimming is not that hard, its really easy!" But its not easy. For warm ups we have to swim 9 laps of one stroke then go to an I.M that's one lap of every stroke but its not just 1 I.M it 2 I.M's. That's 2 laps of each stroke. If you still think its easy then try getting up every day at 5:30 Am. and get the the freezing cold water. It's like an hour and a half practice. We only get like 12 seconds to stop, then we have to go to are next set of strokes. We have swim meats every Saturday and its early in the morning so if its really cold outside, we still are out their in the cold getting in the water. Sometimes its better to be in the water then to be standing out of the water because when your wet and its really windy your lips might start to turn purple. Swimming is a hard sport, but not everyone knows that.

Sports (Softball)

I also play softball. Samira's dad Rob is are coach. I suck at hitting, but I believe i'm an ok catcher. Me, Samira, and Megan are catchers. Sometimes when I don't catch i have to be in the outfield or third base. Its fun in all, but its not my favorite sport. Its my second favorite. First comes basketball, then softball, then swim team. It gets kinda hard when you are in all that gear it gets hot. Samira is are best player. She plays on another team too so shes like REALLY good. We are not the best team but we all try that's what counts. When we don't win, its sucks but not everyone can win.

Favorite foods.

One of my favorite foods are pizza. I don't know why, but it just is. My second favorite kind of food it tomalies. They are really good. When I was younger, we would go to my grandpas and grandmas and make them by scratch. It would be my family, my cousins, my aunt and uncle. We all would make them and while we wait for them to be done we play around, watch movies, and help my grandma with her garden. It would take a really long time to do this so you can see how it could get a little boring for a little girl to just sit and wait. We would always do this before Christmas so there would be Christmas presents around the pretty Christmas tree, and Christmas decorations wherever you look. The funny thing is, that my sister Abby, my cousin Sergio and I would go around the Christmas tree and take a peak in the bags. So when we found something in the bags that belong to are older sisters, we would go run up to them and say stuff like, "We know what you got for Christmas!" or "Hey! Do you want to know what you got for Christmas? Well TO BAD!" :) We would have fun with it. We don't really do that anymore, but we all remember it. One time the ice cream truck came by and we all got ice cream. It was one of my best memories that I had their. My grandpa is dead so its kinda hard on my grandma but still, when we all were together it mad everything better.