MLK Day Activities


The tech committee brainstormed some ideas for MLK Day Activities. Everyone will be participating in the door decorating, but we wanted to provide some additional ideas for everyone. Feel free to use what you would like.
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Door Decorating

This is information about the door decorating.


Padlet is a virtual wall. Using iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops, students can create their own "I have a dream...." quotes and share. Below is a video on how to use Padlet. In addition, there are some examples from students at Penn.

Example 1

Example 2


1) I have a dream...

2) Record facts about MLK

3) Use to compare and contrast people during the Civil Rights movement.

4) Action Steps/Goals about how he/she can make their school/community a better place.

How to use Padlet

ChatterPix Kids

This is a free iPad app that allows you to snap a picture or use an existing picture. After selecting the picture of your choice, you are able to draw a line on the mouth in the picture. Next, you hit record and have 30 seconds to record your thoughts. Once done, your picture will say exactly what you recorded. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial of the ChatterPix Kids app.


1) Students can record facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

2) Record their own I have a dream speech

3) Record facts about other influential people during the Civil Rights movement.

How to use Chatterpix - WeGo Tech


Kahoot is a web based review game. The teacher creates the Kahoot or uses one of the hundreds shared in the "Public Kahoot Gallery." The students are able to join in on the game by using an iPad, computer or smart phone. Questions are displayed and students select the correct answer. Students earn points based on correct answers.


1) Kids can play to review facts about MLK

2) Kids can create their own Kahoots for their classmates to play. Younger kids could do this with buddies.

3) Kids can play to review facts about others involved with the Civil Rights movement.

Kahoot Tutorial


There are a variety of digital tools that can be utilized for students to create presentations on MLK or other influential people during the Civil Rights movement.

  1. Prezi
  2. Google Slides
  3. PowerPoint (on laptops and student computers)
  4. Poster Board