Swimming With Sharks

By: Autumn Demski


What is an adrenaline rush? An adrenaline rush is when your heart rate and blood pressure increases, when you undergo some type of traumatic experience. With that said , what could be better than swimming with the king of the ocean. The risks of swimming with sharks can be avoided by having the right equipment, swimming in the right locations, and being mindful of the shark's behavior.


Without equipment, swimming with sharks would not be possible unless you wanted to be shark bait. There are many different types and brands of equipment, but there are certain brands that are better to use. In fact, you have the Cressi Gara Modular Fins which are used for making your way through the water. With these fins you are able to glide and move through the water easier and fast. As well as the Xcel Thermoflex Free Diver TDC two- piece wetsuit. This is used to keep the swimmer warm in the water and it can be used for protection at times.There is also the Cressi Matrix Mask and snorkel, which are used to swim with sharks at the surface. For more advanced dives there is a Cressie Matrix dive set which is used to go underneath the water and actually go face to face with sharks. On the other hand, if you are wanting to come face to face with bigger sharks, like the Great White, a cage is used for your own protection, because Great White sharks, on average, can be twice the size of a human.

Risks Solved...

Of course there are risks with everything you do, especially if you are swimming with sharks. But, they can all be easily avoided. Of course many people are scared of sharks and the risks that come with it, but if you look at the risks there are many solutions. To avoid attacks, never go diving at dusk or dawn. When you are diving, many professionals state to never pursue a shark or linger near one without guidance from your instructor, because the shark will go into defense mode. Before you decide to dive or swim it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the sharks that you will be swimming with, so you know to avoid Tiger sharks and many other aggressive species. With these common problems being avoided, it makes swimming with sharks less risky.

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Behavior of Sharks...

When encountering any wild animals, especially sharks, it is important to be mindful of their behavior. When swimming with sharks, you want to be able to notice when they are calm and when they start to get aggressive. Many people think that a shark's voracious appetites lead to their behavior, but a shark's behavior is completely linked to their array of senses. Depending on the kind of shark, some can be solitary while others can be gregarious. Very few sharks are dangerous to humans. Sharks are also very territorial, it is recommended to be mindful of the situation. When a shark bumps into you and starts to get closer to you, that is a sign to get out of the water because when sharks attack, they don't bite right away. If that happens, it means that the shark is getting defensive.


There are many different locations to do swim with these exotic creatures, but some are better than others. It is very important to choose a safe location to do this activity with professionals. These are the 4 best places in the world to go swimming with sharks. Cocos Island, Costa Rica is a national park that is off the shore of Costa Rica. This location makes it a great snorkeling, diving and swimming spot because on the coast, the water is very lucid. Tiger Beach, Bahamas also has very lucid waters, but with that location you have to be mindful of the Tiger sharks that inhabit that beach. Guadalupe, Mexico is one of the most popular spots to swim with exoctic creatures due to its ostentatious beaches and great tropical water. Many of the swimming spots will be very populated with not only sharks but many other animals to like stingrays. Gladden Spit, Belize has the largest variety of sharks. When diving with some of these sharks you are often put in cages under water because this location has many Great Whites. With this location, you are able to dive with Whale sharks, which are one of the biggest sharks known to man. The Whale sharks are often called the “gentle giants”.

Why some attacks happen...

Many people are wary of getting attacked by sharks while diving, but it is extremely rare. Sharks are only potentially dangerous due to their senses. When people get attacked, it is often due to a mistake made by the person. For example, when surfers get attacked it is often when they are laying on top of their surfboard. From beneath the water they look like the body of a seal, which is a shark's main food source. Attacks happen rarely when swimming with sharks, but the most popular way to get attacked by a shark while swimming with it is flashing cameras at them and approaching them. When this happens, the shark feels threatened and then goes for the attack to defend itself. That's why many professionals say that it is important to watch the shark's behavior.

In Conclusion...

¨Life's too short to to live by the rules¨. -Anonymous

Swimming with sharks will bring a rush of excitement, especially now knowing the best locations, gear, and understanding the risks and behavior of sharks. As a final point, live a little or take a walk on the wild side and swim with the beasts of the ocean.

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Solitary~ To be existing alone.

Gregarious~ To be existing in a loosely organized community.

Defensive~ To become defensive or to protect.

Territorial~ To protect or become defensive for a area or a piece of land.

Inhabit~ To live or occupy a piece of land or environment.

Exoctic ~ Havind special charitieristics often found in a foreign country.

Rare~ Something that does not occur often.

Tropical~ Something peculiar to the tropics.