Smartboard 101

What's That White Thing On My Wall & What Do I Do With It?

What is a Smartboard?

A Smartboard is an interactive whiteboard. Through the Smart Notebook software, you can create interactive lessons for students, screen record lectures, link to websites or video, and much more.

To access your Smartboard:

1. Turn on your projector.

2. Open the Notebook software: You can do this by typing in Notebook in Spotlight (top right corner of your Mac screen)

3. Calibrate your board: Hold down both buttons and click in the middle of each cross.

4. Start creating your page. You can have multiple pages and work through the "presentation" just as you would use Keynote or PowerPoint.

Amanda Goode

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with your Smartboard. I will be happy to come help you one-on-one.

My direct extension from a school line is 2446.