Ms. Price's Class Newsletter

January 19, 2015

Homework! - Please help your child be responsible and accountable for doing their Homework daily.

Reading (30 minutes) - iStation OR Book of Choice

Math (30 minutes) - Think Through Math and learn those multiplication math facts

Spelling (10 minutes minimum) - study the pattern, practice the spelling, look for words that fit the pattern

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What We Will Learn This Week

Language Arts

Genre focus: Expository/Procedural text (week 2)

Comprehension Focus: Gleaning information from procedural texts and documents; locating and using specific information in graphic features of text metaphors

Amazing Words: (understand the word meaning - not spelling)

communications, exchange, outwit, transmit, complicated, interpret, mystify, precise, broadcast, conceal

Writing: Procedural Text (week 2 of 2)

Written Conventions Focus: Adverbs


Concepts: Adding and Subtracting Fractions on the Number Line, Estimating Fraction Sums and Differences, Analyze Relationships, Using Customary Units of Length


Landforms: Erosion and Deposition, Stream Table Slope/Flood

Date Reminders

Monday, January 19th - School Holiday

Wednesday, January 21st - Science Fair Projects Due

Monday, February 16th - Staff Professional Development - No School

March 9-13 - Spring Break

March 30-31 - STAAR Writing (4th grade)

Friday, April 2nd - No School / Bad Weather Make-Up Day

April 21 - STAAR Math (4th grade)

April 22 - STAAR Reading (4th grade)