Door Lock

By: Cyrell Estrada

When the door lock was made

The door lock was made about the year 1848. The door lock was made in a period of time called the Industrial Revolution

How the Door Lock Works

When you put in the key to open the door lock the key twist a piece of metal and the piece that sticks out of the door lock looses up.
The 1st door lock is not use a lot only a newer version. The 2nd door lock is the one that is mostly used today. The 3rd door lock is an high tech door lock that needs a finger print to open

Old Door Lock

This door lock has a hollow tube the go though two little pieces of metal.

Tubular Door Lock

It is the most common door lock.

Finger Print Door Lock

This is more of a high tech door lock

Without the Door Lock

With out the door lock there would mostly be more robbers and more robberies.
The door lock had made people feel safer and feel safer. Yes, the door lock is still around. Today there are so many door locks like the normal door lock, finger print door lock, and the eye scanner door lock est.

Who made the door lock

The inventor of the door lock is Linus Yale, Sr.
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Fun Fact

The Tumbler door lock is mainly for bedrooms, bathrooms, passages, and closets. Most schools use the older door lock but, in a newer version.