Cubs' ROAR Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 1 - September/October 2022

Principal's Message

Welcome to our very first edition of the CUBS' ROAR Newsletter! We are excited to launch this newsletter for our parents/guardians and school community. Contained in this newsletter you will find information about our grade levels and the activities that we have engaged in during the months of September and October 2022. We encourage you to continue to read and hope that you enjoy this trip into our days at School Five.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT - Morning Arrival & Afternoon Dismissal

We continue to monitor the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. We realize that on occasions, emergencies happen and we adjust to address those emergencies on an individual basis. However, below you will find a few reminders about these times of day.

Arrival & Dismissal:

  • Students may not be dropped off before 8:40am, and they are considered late after 8:50am.
  • Students may not be picked up early before 3:25pm, unless it is a verified emergency (appointment, etc.).
  • We begin our schoolwide dismissal procedures at 3:00pm, so students may not be picked up between 3:00pm and 3:25pm.
  • If your students is coming in late due to an appointment, please be sure to provide a doctor's note.
  • If your student needs to leave early due to a doctor's appointment, please make sure to notify the teacher in writing on the day of the appointment, if it will be an early pickup. We may not disrupt instruction on a whim. Therefore, communication with the school/teacher well before pickup is important.

Vehicular Traffic:

  • Our arrival begins at 8:40am and the school day begins at 8:50am.
  • If you are dropping off or picking up during these times of day, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. These times are high traffic times of day and we have staff, students and parents moving in the parking lot.
  • Be sure follow and adhere to the signs - DO NOT PARK ON THE CURB. Our curb is drop off only at arrival and dismissal times. DO NOT PARK ON OUR GRASS, as these areas are not designated parking.
  • We are working closely with our Lindenwold Police Department to ensure that our traffic rules and regulations are being followed.

September School-Wide Celebrations

September got off to a great start with our Lindenwold School Five Cubs! Students that completed their Summer Reading and submitted it to our Reading Teachers were able to participate in Summer Reading Celebration consisting of a Magic Show. Thank you to all of our students who worked to complete their reading packets over the summer.

October Celebrations

During the month of October, School Five celebrated and honored many different and important events: Hispanic Heritage Month, Week of Respect, Fire Prevention Week, and Red Ribbon Week.

Hispanic Heritage Month - During this month, School Five teachers and students worked on learning about their designated country, including important facts about the demographics, culture, geography and people. As our culminating activity, we hosted a Parade of Countries that took place around our bus loop. Students in their country's colors walked/danced the parade route with their flags and accessories to music. It was great to see all of the impressive work our students learned and were able to present.

Week of Respect - This week our students learned about some important pillars of respect, which we discuss and practice at School Five on a daily basis. All students were able to dress down for this cause with a daily theme.

Red Ribbon Week - This week is a very important week at School Five as well because through our daily themes, students learn the importance of being drug and alcohol free. Students also had an opportunity to dress down during this week, while learning about the daily themes.

Kindergarten - Our Newest Students!

Our littlest students have really taken to learning all about School Five, our motto, our processes, and have acclimated well. During the month of September, our Kindergarteners learned all about how to navigate the school - learning where the different and important places in our school like the cafeteria (all purpose room), our media center (library), nurse's office, main office, blacktop, playground, etc. They also diligently learned about our Cubs' Pride Motto: Choose Your Day - Be Kind - Be Responsible - Be A Problem-Solver and what it means to be respectful.

In October, they were deep in the learning of letters and sounds, as well as numbers and shapes. Our Kindergarten students also celebrated Fire Prevention Week, where each class was able to meet some of the town’s firefighters who taught the students how to be safe and what to do in case of a fire. At the end of the month, each classroom celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by displaying our learning about a different country. Kindergarten students participated in our Parade of Countries, where we showed all of the things we did and learned about our countries. Finally, at the end of the month, as a celebration of Fall Harvest, our Kindergarten students had the opportunity to go pumpkin picking on school grounds.

Fire Prevention Week/Assembly - Our Kindergarten students participated in a Fire Prevention Assembly, where they were taught what to do in case of fire and not to be afraid of the firefighters in case of a fire. They had the opportunity to see one of Lindenwold's own firefighters dress in their attire. Students also had the opportunity to see the fire truck closeup.

First Grade Rocks!

Our First Graders and their teachers were busy at work during the months of September and October. In English Language Arts, our students have been learning about short and long vowels, sentences (sentence frames, parts of a sentence, etc.) and MANY other things! Attached are some pictures of the instructional but fun activities that our students have taken part in, such as Long/Short Vowel Dancing Scavenger Hunt, where students had to dance and move around the room finding a hidden word. Once they found the word card, they would have to decide with their partner if the word has a long or short vowel sound.

Also, attached are some photos of our reading centers (word game center, chromebook center, teacher groups and independent reading). Students also went on a noun hunt around the school! Classes walked around identifying people, places, and things that they could see around School Five!

~First Grade Pictures~

Big picture
Big picture

Stupendous Second Graders!

Our Second Grade students have had a busy two months! Students and teachers have spent their days establishing daily routines, as well as teaching expectations for the school year. Our most recent Science exploration was focused on creating bird feeder prototypes (pictures shown below). Students were able to take them home and share what they have discovered with their families. Classes also learned about the importance and functions of bones followed by a science exploration where students created x-rays of their own hands!

Our students have also celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month during September and October and learning many new things about their different countries. On Friday, October 21st, they took part in a school-wide Parade of Countries to honor their countries.

Some of the Second Grade highlights were:

  • Dress as Your Future Self & Dance Party
  • Fall Celebration

  • Biscuit the Dog Came to Visit

  • They Grew Radish Plants!

Way to start off the school year Second Grade Teachers and Students! They are looking forward to learning many more great things and anticipate a fantastic year ahead!

Terrific Third Graders!

Our Third Graders are exemplifying our motto daily! In Ms. Mojica's Class, students read Zen Shorts and created a zen display in the hallway to help our students and staff to practice mindfulness strategies- pausing to breathe and color. Student in third grade have been "falling into good books" too. Our students worked extensively on Math and Science concepts too. Shown in the pictures below, the learned about measurement, building with Ky'Nex pieces, forming towers and invisible forces, just to name a few. These are our FUTURE mathematicians, scientists, builders, etc. We are SO excited for what lies ahead for our students!

Fourth Graders!

Our Fourth Grade students explored the science of volcanoes and rocks. They experimented with thin and thick “lava” and learned how the different lavas will create different types of volcanoes. Students also experimented with sugar cubes which modeled how rocks can break down in smaller pieces.

Literacy & Math Night - Grades 3-4

We had an awesome showing of students and their families at our first Literacy & Math Night for Grades 3-4 in October. Participants enjoyed learning and playing games related to the skills they learn in school. Our theme was Dive Into Learning and we converted the All-Purpose Room (Cafeteria) and Media Center into ocean scenes. Students and their families circulated from table to table in each room to play the related games.

Principal's Chat & Chew

We brought it back! The first of several Principal's Chat & Chew meetings providing parents/guardians with the opportunity to engage with us on specific topics took place on October 13th. The topic for our first Chat & Chew was BSI Support in the Classroom. We had a number of parents respond and attended. We had extensive conversations about literacy and math, and provided insight on how to support our students at home.

A HUGE shoutout to Mrs. Bernardino (Supervisor), Mrs. Scherf (Math Coach) and Mrs. Strong (Literacy Coach) who co-hosted this event with Mrs. Martinez-Preyor (Principal). Their support and expertise was invaluable. We look forward to our next Principal's Chat & Chew in the new year.

Monthly Birthday Celebrations - September & October

At School Five, students' birthdays are celebrated in multiple ways. On their birthdays, students receive special treats such as certificates, pencils and badges. At the end of the given month, students are invited to participate in a read aloud celebration hosted by a Guest Reader. Our Guest Reader for September was Officer Brennan, our School Resource Officer, and for October our Guest Readers were Mrs. Martinez-Preyor (Principal) and Mrs. Bernardino (Supervisor).
Big picture


Thank YOU!

Our work as a school would not be the same without the support of our school community. We hope that this newsletter provides a glimpse of the activities, but most importantly the learning that takes place at Lindenwold School Five. As always, we welcome your input and support.