Coffee Smack-Down

Friendswood, Texas

Bacteria found in Starbucks black coffee

Recently there has been a competition between Starbucks and Dunn Bros Coffee to see which can bring in more revenue. The demand for black coffee at Dunn Bros has increased due to the bacteria found in Starbucks coffee.

Starbucks losing Revenue

The demand for creamer and sugar has decreased, due to the bacteria found in the coffee. Since no one is buying the coffee, the creamers and sugars are sitting around.

Job Cuts in Friendswood

Due to the recent job cuts in Friendswood, people are not buying as much Starbucks coffee because it is the more expensive than other places.

Forest of Friendswood real estate

Many families have been building houses in the Forest of Friendswood, which is right next door to Dunn Bros. coffee. More people have been stopping there before work and school.


As summer approaches, coffee sales are decreasing. People are buying more ice cream and sno-cones.