bring your own booze chilled club night in central Brighton

In Aid of the Goddamn Media Asperger Grants, the ONLY bring your own booze bar in town!

Pasha du Valentine, the Countess of Brighton and Hackney hosts this one of a kind club night raising awareness and funds for the Goddamn Media Grants.

The night is chilled with a beautiful garden, occasional hot tub for the lock in crew, a permanently available microphone and amp for those that do, and a pick your own tunes internet connection.

The Goddamn Media Aspie grant

Adults with Asperger's can often feel marginalized and unsupported once they become adults and are forced to cope with real world situations with adult expectations. Setting up businesses or supporting creative projects can be daunting for people on the spectrum and we aim to provide both financial and pastoral support through Goddamn Media.
We aim to provide grants between £20 and £100 for creative endeavors, business projects, equipment or clothing to kick start new jobs etc. We can also assist young offenders who are recently on release, find valuable sources of advice and emotional support as necessary and even hire equipment such as cameras, mixers and sound systems for events etc, Maybe you need a skateboard for a film you want to make.....we will look at each application individually with no prejudice.


We are open 10pm every Friday till 2am and later though that is when we shut the doors. To book the bar for events or club nights or to apply for the Goddamn Aspie Grant please get in touch through any of the links below.